Lisa-Maria Gerstgrasser is an expert in human resources and organizational development with many years of experience. Her professional journey spans a wide range of industries, including the paper industry, real estate, management consulting, hospitality and hotel industry, defense, aviation, marketing, and finance, to name a few.

Her extensive expertise also encompasses a variety of corporate structures, from startups to large corporations, and from service companies to mass production. Thanks to her versatile professional background, she has gained valuable insights and is familiar with a broad range of job profiles, whether in IT or engineering.

Due to her expertise and business knowledge, she precisely understands the factors that are crucial for companies in selecting new employees. Moreover, she is distinguished by her creative approach and her speed in finding the right talents for even the most demanding profiles.

Areas of expertise:

  • Talent acquisition of specialists and executives
  • Executive search
  • Specialized in technology profiles
  • Personnel development

Motto: “With unwavering will, one can even find the needle in a haystack.”