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… your competent partner in all personnel matters!

Our consultants support you throughout Switzerland in almost every province. Our staff has well-founded, extensive, and diverse know-how in virtually all industries and occupations, as well as many years of experience. As a full-service provider in all personnel matters, we offer services in the areas of executive search, personnel consulting, personnel development, potential analysis, outplacement and temporary work.


Sacha Maurer

Managing Partner


Sacha Maurer has been working in personnel consulting for industry, service and logistics companies for more than 6 years. Profit from his vast knowledge accumulated over the past 25 years. As “man on location” he knows the wishes of his clients and of job seekers and is, thus, able to offer practical solutions.

Personal, individual consulting and a relationship of trust with candidates and clients are the focus and basis for a successful and goal-oriented cooperation. Clients and job seekers find their perfect candidate resp. their perfect position in an efficient and uncomplicated manner through Sacha Maurer’s network.

A flat hierarchy, homogenous working procedures, discretion and reliability, the highest degree of flexibility and client orientation of our employees coupled with an extraordinary price-performance-ratio characterize our company headquartered in Eastern Switzerland.

Focus areas:

  • Search & selection of specialists and leaders
  • Specialist in the areas of sales, logistics, business personnel, intern. industrial mounting services
  • Executive Search

Michèle Oeschger

Managing Partner


Michèle Oeschger works since 1998 in the IT recruitment field. Since 2000 she is specialised in recruitment of IT professionals and IT leadership.

Through many years of activities, focused on the IT sector, Michèle Oeschger possesses a wide network – both as well from a custom as from a candidate side – and has a very good overview and an excellent know-how portfolio in the IT world.

Providing personal and individual support and the relationship of trust with candidates and clients are the principle and basis for a successful and target-aimed cooperation.

Clients find their IT know-how specialist through the excellent network of M. Oeschger, and she supports IT specialists in their career development to the next step.

The ISG – International Service Group Schweiz GmbH – focuses on the personal selection and recruitment of IT professionals and IT leadership. Our clients are from industrial, service and financial sectors. They are active in national and international business. Our service includes the search for IT candidates, who have obtained the mandated professional level at home, as well as in foreign countries.

A flat corporate structure, a homogeneous operation, discretion and reliability, flexibility and customer focus of our employees, as well as an excellent price / performance ratio represents the company mission with the headquarter in the east of Switzerland.


Rachel Buchbinder

Managing Partner


Rachel Buchbinder gained her first experiences in various business/commercial functions and areas before changing into the job placement sector after a stay abroad.

Since 2004, including a two-year maternity leave, Rachel Buchbinder has been placing mainly business specialist in various companies with great success. Thanks to her empathy and tact she is able to connect compatible parties.

Due to her extensive experience she has a wide range of specialist knowledge at her disposal.

Languages: German, English, French (Italian and Spanish)

Focus areas:

  • Search & selection of junior employees, specialists and leaders
  • Executive Search
  • Specialist in the business/commercial sector
  • Coaching of candidates

Motto: The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


Nicole Taumberger (Schneider)

Country Manager / Senior Consultant


Nicole Taumberger has broad experience in the areas of recruitment, executive search and personnel development.

With her proven track record in developing search and recruitment strategies as well as with her profound business knowledge she is the ideal partner for your success. Nicole Taumberger brings in-depth experience in recruitment of specialists and executive search.

As a country manager at ISG Switzerland, Nicole is successfully responsible for the expansion and future development of ISG Switzerland in the area of ​​personnel consulting since 2010.

With her many years of professional experience as a consultant, paired with her market-oriented, cultural and professional knowledge in all manner of personnel consultancy you will find a competent and professional partner with Nicole Taumberger.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Search & selection of specialists and executives
  • Executive Search
  • Specialist in computer science
  • Human resources development

Motto: “We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can help you to adjust the sails!”


Michaela Konlechner

Managing Partner / Senior Consultant


Michaela Konlechner studied Health Management at the IMC University of Applied Sciences. Apart from a solid business management education, this allowed her to gather specialist knowledge in the health sector. After completing her studies she worked as consultant at the Chamber of Commerce in Lower Austria. The diversity of the tasks in the funding sector and as an interest representative has prepared the career changer for her new work at ISG as the customer is also the center of attention here.

Focus areas:

  • Search & Selection of specialists and leaders
  • Focus on the IT area
  • Personnel development

Motto: “Success has two letters: DO!” (based on Goethe)


Gabriel Kassowicz, M.A.

Healthcare/Medtech/Pharma/Biotech - Executive Search


Educational Background and Professional Experience

  • University degree in Translation – Interpretation
  • Sound experience in strategic consulting and in global corporate environments (>20 Years)
  • Multilingual (German, English, French, Dutch)

Client Focus

  • Global Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma, Medical Devices/Diagnostics & Digital Health Transformation.
  • Start-ups, Spin Off’s, small-, mid- and large-size enterprises, turn-around operations.
  • Healthcare private equity and venture capital backed companies.
  • Privately and public held firms (for-profit) in the range of $ 10M to $ 5B.
  • Healthcare private equity and venture capital funds in the range of $ 50M to $ 5B.
  • Multinational Blue chip organizations.

Country Focus

  • Switzerland
  • Europe, EMEA


Business Focus

  • C-Suite & Board level search  Senior Directors and Directors
  • Board-Level and CEO appointments Specialists
  • Senior Vice President and VP roles Engineers
  • General Management appointments Scientists
  • Middle Management appointments

Industry Focus

  • Health Care
  • Medical Devices & Dental
  • Pharma & Generics
  • Hospitals & Senior Residences
  • Medical Diagnostics & Laboratory
  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences
  • Consumer Healthcare
  • Healthcare IT & Bio-Informatics
  • Clinical Nutrition, Food & Cosmetics
  • Health Insurance & Health Care Finance
  • Health Care Consulting Industry
  • Chemicals

Functional Coverage

  • Commercial Marketing & Sales | Business Development
  • HR
  • Supply Chain | Logistics | Procurement
  • Finance | Accounting
  • ICT
  • Health Economics & Market Access | Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Regulatory Affairs | Quality Management & Safety
  • Scientific Research (Biotechnological & Pharmaceutical)
  • Preclinical & Clinical Development
  • Medical Manufacturing | Production, Prototyping & OEM
  • Bioprocessing | Pharmaceutical Engineering & Packaging
  • Health Care IT Management | Medical- & Bio-Informatics

Csaba Toth

Managing Partner


Csaba Toth has gained extensive experience as Credit-Manager in international receivables management and in the area of trade. His knowledge of foreign languages, strength in communication and his negotiation skills were of great help when conducting negotiations with managing directors and lawyers. Later he worked as managing director in his own company in the field of online strategies and in his consulting agency. His areas of expertise were complex advisory tasks, support at authorities and in court.

He takes great pleasure in working with people, consulting and communicating.

Consultancy focus areas:

  • Search and selection of specialists and leaders/executive search
  • Focus on the area of IT and the health sector
  • Human resource development
  • Communication & self-management
  • Online marketing

Motto: “Look for the good in every person and every situation. You’ll almost always find it.”
Brian Tracy


Doris Welti

Managing Partner


Doris Welti’s professional background spans a wide spectrum of activities in the banking, financial and trust sector as well as experience as an HR business partner with sound knowledge tested in practice. Through various trainings in these fields and corresponding extensive experience, Doris Welti knows and precisely understands the specific needs from a professional and personal point of view and can, therefore, act confidently and select efficiently.

Languages: German, English, French

Focus areas:

  • Search and selection of specialists and leaders/executive search
  • Profiling and reporting, conducting interviews and application coaching
  • Specialist for the HR and finance sector

Eleonora Hintersehr

Managing Partner


Eleonora Hintersehr was born in Hungary. After her professional training she worked in a pharmacy for 25 years.

This job required, apart from specialist knowledge, excellent communication skills, the ability to solve problems and to cooperate, flexibility, conflict management and social sensitivity. The experience she gained then she can also use in her current job.
After getting married in 2014 she moved to Switzerland and studied Webdesign and Online Marketing.
In her own company, the Hintersehr Consultig Agentur, she supports Hungarian and Swiss clients in the areas of founding a company, consulting and the creation of an online presence.
2018 she became ISG Managing Partner.
Using her marketing knowledge and her contacts in Hungary she primarily supports the work of her husband Csaba Toth.

Consultancy focus areas:

  • Search and selection of specialists and leaders/executive search
  • Focus on the area of IT and the health sector
  • Online marketing

“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it.
Impossible – is not a fact. It’s an opinion.
Impossible – is not a declaration. It’s a dare.
Impossible – is potential.
Impossible – is temporary.
Impossible – is nothing.”

Muhammad Ali


Mag. Kerstin Rufer

Training & Development


Kerstin Rufer discovered her love for working with people during her studies in Economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. Her interest in diverse cultures drew her to the United States, where she occupied herself intensively with the American approach to Human Resource Development.

In the Personnel and Change Management sector at a renowned consulting firm in Frankfurt, Germany, she had the opportunity to implement these skills in practice. In addition, Kerstin was also able to acquire extensive experience in change processes of large enterprises, particularly in regard to utility companies, during the liberalisation of the German utilities market in 1999.

Kerstin Rufer is convinced that change may only be achieved by the inclusion of all persons or parties concerned. It is her aim to create sustainable development processes with her clients.

Comprehensive continuing training in Systemic Change and Knowledge Management, Systemic Coaching as well as special seminars for the moderation of large groups provided the foundation for her future activities at a Vienna based firm specialising in coaching and training. During her four years there, her activities and accomplishments encompass the design of comprehensive management and organizational development training programs; the actual hands-on implementation of seminars; and the accompaniment of diverse change projects in different areas (including the establishment of profit centers and the implementation of new sales and distribution strategies etc.).

Her openness to various approaches has made Kerstin Rufer a valued trainer and coach at the ISG Personalmanagement GmbH since 2003, where she has developed and extended the area of team development.


  • Senior management and communication trainings in which dynamic content and models are illustrated using real-life case studies.
  • Team development in which she shows her flexibility and sensitivity in handling team dynamics. Her structured approach to the moderation of complex topics in combination with the application of creative elements (outdoor activities and similar) help to create a good working-athmosphere.
  • Individual coaching in support of both senior management and employees in difficult situations including management of disputes, time management, strategy development, and more

Motto: „Destiny is not a matter of chance; it’s a matter of choice.“


Viktor Ledermann

Managing Partner


Viktor Lederman looks back on many years of professional experience as a personnel manager in industry, trade and IT. Combining his initial technical education with advanced business management training, Mr. Ledermann has to offer in-depth specialist knowledge and experience for the search and recruitment of specialists and executives.

Listening and clarifying a wide range of requirements is a skill that takes learning. For Mr. Ledermann it’s the foundation of his work, like finding and assembling the individual pieces of a puzzle to form the finished picture. 

Main areas of consulting:

  • Industry and commerce
  • Skilled crafts and trade
  • Information technology and administration
  • Trade and sales
  • Personnel development

Motto: “What we do today is the outline of tomorrow’s painting.”  (Monika Minder) 



We strive for our continuous development and the ongoing improvement of our services to exceed your expectations!