Born in Carinthia Thomas Kaufmann started his career with an apprenticeship to become a retail salesman at Austria’s biggest furniture company.

After his apprenticeship he relocated to Graz where he attended an evening business school and, at the same time, worked in sales and in several leading positions in the trading sector.

He then successfully completed his business administration studies with focus on marketing and HR management.

Following a short period working as an HR Manager in a trading company in St. Pölten, Thomas Kaufmann has been working in the HR field for the last ten years.

He has been engaged in secondment of personnel as well as staff placement and consulting in the entire Styrian area. Moreover, he was active as a managing partner in Styria before that.

Due to his profound professional experience Thomas Kaufmann is the contact person for the following areas:

  • Comprehensive HR consulting
  • Professional recruiting and provision of personnel
  • HR placement and secondment in the employee range
  • Try & hire and payroll alternatives
  • Issues concerning working law
  • Contact person for referral to head hunting, tests, career coaching and HR development