„I am a connector. Along comes a responsibilty, which I am aware of.“

Viktoria Sawall is a Consultant for ISG, based in Germany – Frankfurt am Main. She finds national and international suitable candidates for SME German European companies, especially family businesses.

Focus areas:

  • Executive Search & Middle Management
  • HR, Engineering, Finances & Banking
  • Craftsmen, truckdriver, health care, roofer

Professional background:
Since 2019 she works as a recruiting consultant with engineering background and is specialised in helping SME companies in finding suitable candidates. Furthermore she acts as a bridge for German-european companies, who are expanding into the CIS region.

She absolved dual studies in chemical engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering. As a Design Release Engineer in the automotive industry she worked as the intersection between many departments like production, purchase, management, supplier, etc.

She acted instinctively as an intercultural mediator, especially between German and Russian cultures. Though she was born in Germany, her roots are also in Central Asia, in Kazakhstan.