Bundesliga final in indoor hockey!

With their first indoor championship in 33 years, the AHTC team made history at the Bundesliga final of the women’s indoor hockey. Undefeated and with an impressive point tally of 29 out of 30 possible points, our women secured first place at the final tournament.

The opponents in the final, which took place on Friday, January 26th, in the hall of SV Arminen HC Wiener Neudorf, were the difficult-to-play-against SV Arminen. This team stood out especially for their strong defense.

The first two quarters of the match remained goalless, but then our women found their way to the goal and scored 1-0 with a penalty shot. In the following, they scored five more goals and won the game with a final score of 6-1.

In the second semifinal, the team of the host SV Arminen prevailed against HDI-WAC and thus qualified for the final.

Our team already took the lead of 1-0 after only two minutes of play with a goal from Helene Herzog. With tactically clever and fast moves, they further extended their lead. In the last quarter, it was already 4-0, with Katharina Proksch being allowed to score three times.

The consolation goal for the hosts to make it 1-4 had no effect.

When the final whistle sounded, there was great jubilation on the field and in the stands:

Our women had won the first indoor championship since 1991.

This victory was particularly significant for our young players, who are already multiple champions on the field (field hockey). In addition, they had the tournament’s best player in Laura Kern, as well as the league’s top scorers in Maria-Luisa Esser and Katharina Proksch.

This title was therefore a very special triumph for our women.

As a proud sponsor, ISG congratulates them on this magnificent achievement!