Organizational Development / Coaching



      Meet the team behind Organizational Development / Coaching

      Krisztina Pulay

      Managing Director / Country Manager


      Krisztina graduated as an Economist at the University of Economics and did her MBA at the University of Technology and Economics.

      She started her career in the field of foreign trade. Due to her enthusiastic, proactive and professional attitude, she was soon promoted and became the Procurement Manager of a manufacturing company. A few years later, she continued her career as Managing Director and became responsible for the representation of a multinational company in Hungary.

      In 1996, she joined CATRO International Management Consulting Ltd. as a Senior Consultant. One year later, she became the Managing Director of the company. She led the Hungarian subsidiary successfully for 13 years. In 2010 she joined ISG as Managing Director – Country Manager, and the Head of the ‘Consumer / Commercial Sector’ of the ISG Group.

      Over the years together with her team, they completed countless successful domestic and international Executive Search, Direct Search and Selection, Outplacement, Assessment / Development Center, Talent Management, Organizational Development, Talent Search and Market Monitoring projects. Moreover, she developed long-term partnerships with the leaders of multinational companies as well as Hungarian large and medium-sized companies.


      • Building up and keeping in contact with HR managers and Top Managers, Business Development
      • Coordinating International Corporate level and Regional cross-boarding businesses
      • Providing HR Consulting activities at Executive Search, Direct Search and Selection, Outplacement, Assessment / Development Center, Talent Management, Organizational Development, Talent Search and Market Monitoring projects
      • Management Consulting


      Motto: “It does not matter where you start, what matters is the decision about where you eventually want to get to.” (Anthony Robbins)


      Viktória Kaposvári

      Senior Executive Consultant / Head of ExS / HH Business Operations


      Viktória started her career in the world of the professional tennis. She managed the sponsorship of the competitors and tournaments and the international sales. She got engaged with Human Resources during her studies and decided to continue her career in this direction.

      After graduating as an HR Manager she got insight into the world of a multinational IT company SAP, later she became the Office Manager of the Catro Executive Consulting Ltd.

      Beside her administrative tasks she learnt the method and technique of the Search & Selection, Research, Direct Search / Headhunting. She also took part in preparing Organisational Development projects and supported actively the work of Consultants.

      She joined ISG 2010 as Research & Administration Manager. In this position she had full administration responsibility and also provided professional support to the Researcher Team and coordinated their work, delivered successfully several Search & Selection projects to different international and local companies.

      2015 she was nominated to the Head of Search & Selection Division of ISG Hungary and lately she was promoted to Head of Executive Search & HH Business Operations.

      She delivered successfully numerous Executive and Direct Search & Selection projects (segment-specific and support function positions) in different market segments – R&D, IT/Telecommunications, Automotive, Production / Manufacturing, SSC/BSC, Media, Technical Trade, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG etc.

      Her personal specialities include:

      • Executive Search, Headhunting, Direct Search projects (national and international)
      • Account management – liaising with clients to understand recruitment needs, developing and maintaining strong working relationships with HR Business Partners, Hiring Managers and Talent Acquisition teams to hire “best in class” talent
      • Implementation of Outplacement projects
      • Market Screening / Scope, Competence Diagnostics, Talent Management
      • Contact with international subsidiaries, coordination of international projects
      • Board Services and Executive Consultancy
      • Preparing and managing of Organisational Development projects
      • Working out Assessment / Development Centres and Evaluating them
      • Coordination of the work of Researcher colleagues
      • Managing the business unit and development of business processes

      Motto: “Amateurs hope, professionals work.”


      Dóra Középesy

      Senior Consultant


      Dóra graduated as a language teacher at the Kossuth Lajos University of Debrecen, and also has a degree in foreign trade.

      She gained extensive professional experience in international companies, worked as a Purchaser, Key Account Manager, PR and Communication Manager.

      She spent 6 years in HR consultancy, mainly dealing with middle, top and expert positions, as well as being an Observer/Assessor and Project Manager for AC/DC processes. She participated in Outplacement processes, Career Counselling and Intercultural Training.

      In 2019, she joined ISG team as a Consultant, focusing on Middle Management and Senior Experts.

      She has an extensive experience in the following industries: Finance, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Service Industry, FMCG.

      Her personal specialities include:

      • Execution of Headhunting / Direct Search projects from negotiation with the Client to successful candidate placement (preparation of Research Activity Report, Long-list, interviewing, testing, Short-list compilation, preparation of reports)
      • Development of Assessment / Development Centers, participation as an Assessor or Moderator
      • Conducting Outplacement Projects, Career Counselling
      • Online Diagnostics / Tests


      Motto: “Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”


      Barbara Bite

      Senior Trainer & Coach



      2015 SolutionSurfers – Briefcoaching – PCC
      2015-2019 Nordske Gestalt Institut– Gestalt Therapist Training – in progress
      2013 Gestalt Coaching Center – Leading Blind spots and Organizational Taboos – Coach Training
      2013 Bewise – Action Learning Group Facilitator Training
      2013 Captain – Captain Expert Training
      2011-2012 Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. – Team and Group Coach
      2009-2011 Business Coach Academy – Qualified Business Coach
      2011 Antares Group Ltd. – Transactional Analysis training
      1999-2001 University of Pécs – Economist Msc.
      1995-1998 College of Szolnok– External Trade Economist


      • Executive and Business Coaching
      • Communication, Assertivity, Stress Management
      • Team and Group Coaching
      • Delegation, re-structuring cooperation
      • Leader Development
      • Changes and Crisis Management
      • Organisational Development
      • Career Path
      • Dilemmas of young Top Level Official
      • Becoming leader, Talent Management
      • Motivation, recognition
      • Action Learning (group)
      • Time Management
      • Burn Out
      • Self Knowledge


      In 2010 she and her companions established the Coaching Team professional community, and she has been working in the field of business as individual, Group and Team Coach, Action Learning facilitator and Trainer.

      She is a member of the Hungarian ICF department, since January 2014 she has been filling a Vice-President post in the Hungarian ICF department. From 2015 she is the president of the Hungarian ICF.

      She started the life of business with the past of a professional sportswoman. She gained wide experience at Baumax Hungary Ltd. where she learned everything that was possible about trade. In a short time she filled a Leader position where she spent more than seven years.

      She could not avoid those problems which every manager has to face. Today she wishes as a Leader she had a Coach who supports, helps, asks, is there, holds a mirror, encourages, pulls down to the ground, practices with her etc. Then all of these she did not receive and she was forced to work on herself without any support which took a lot of time and effort. However, through all these own experiences she is able to help her customers more genuinely.


      • English

      Motto: “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”– Muhammad Ali


      Viktória Szabó




      2018 Coaching Team – Coach
      2017 Legacy – Trainer, team coach, facilitator training
      2015 BME – Work and Organizational Psychologist
      2013 BCE – Organizational communicator
      2011 ELTE – Psychologist


      As an organizational psychologist she works with individuals, groups and organizations. She believes, if we want to achieve a real and long lasting result we have to focus not only on the individual but also on the wider circumstances. During her work she supports people and organizations in finding the most efficient ways to do their best and also to bring the best out of each other.
      In order to succeed she mixes the tools of solution-centered approach and positive psychology with the methodology of traditional development.


      Organizational development projects
      Attitude and skill development programs and trainings:
      – Motivation
      – Acknowledgment, feedback
      – Assertive communication
      – Self awareness
      – Work orientation, career advising
      – Time management
      Open leadership and personality development programs

      Motto: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.“ – Albert Einstein


      Rita Gallen

      Trainer & Coach



      2015-2016 Watson Coach School Action-Oriented group coaching- 40 hours of coaching course
      2014-2015 ’Train the trainer’ training qualification- 120 hour of coaching course- Tolerance Training Kft
      2014-2015 ’Master coach’ qualification- 100 hour of coaching course- Tolerance Training Kft
      2011–2012 DIADAL coach training 60 hour of coaching course- Businesscoach Kft
      1996-1999 Business School, Faculty of International Communication, Publicity Major, Foreign Trade Economist Degree
      1991-1996 Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts, English major
      1989-1990 Tourist Guide Qualification


      • Handling of Emotions, Emotional Intelligence
      • Stress-management
      • Burnout, self motivation and energy level
      • Development of Executive Self-awareness
      • Leadership role, Vision and Profession
      • Work Life Balance
      • Time-Management and Personal Efficiency
      • Communication
      • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
      • 2-in-1 coaching: personalized development in English language, confidence-building, stress management
      • Professional experience
      • More than 2 decades in Executive Development: Business Coach, English language Coach and Trainer. Individual and Group Coach in Hungarian and in English language
      • Co-translator of methodological book:’ Toolful coach’
      • Founder of ‘Women Between Each Other’ community
      • Joined Coaching Team in January 2015
      • Coordinator of Lean In Budapest


      • 2016- TEVA Individual Coaching Process
      • 2015- Omya Hungary Kft.- Individual and Team Coaching, in progress
      • From 2013 Freelancer Business and Language Coach
      • From 2015 Coaching Team member, Coach, Trainer
      • From September 2015 NVA Coach, Trainer
      • From 2015- Lean In Coordinator
      • From 2014- facilitation of women workshop: ‘Women between each other’



      Motto: „I believe, that without continous development of self-knowledge there is no progress. The biggest happines for me is, when we both are in flow, and the coachee gets closer to his/her goal on every session.”


      András Makai B.

      Senior Trainer & Coach



      2010-2014 Gestalt-therpist training – Nordske Gestalt Institute, Gestalt-therapist
      2009-2010 Flow Coaching School – Flow Group, Business Coach
      2008-2009 Gestalt approached Organisation Development – Hungarian Gestalt Association
      2008 Trainer Academy – GROW Group, Trainer
      2007-2009 SZEVA – Flow Group, Organization Development and Change Management Consultant
      2007 Coaching Approached Leadership Training, GROW Group
      1993-1997 Technical University, Nagyvárad, High- Voltage Electrical Engineer
      1987-1990 Temesvári Politehnica, High- Voltage Electrical Engineering Faculty


      ARPe® Authority Responsibility Power expanding profile
      GPOP® (Golden Profile of Personality)


      • Executive and Business Individual Coaching
      • Organization Development Projects


      As Owner and Managing Director he successfully built up a medium sized company group. After 10 years he intentionally chose succession, handed over his position and limited his responsibilities to “simple” Owner duties. During these years he kept training himself since he was a way more interested in human energy and resources than his former field; electrical energy.
      As a Coach and Trainer he supports his clients in realizing their obstructions and find their energy in order to change, feel and function better.
      He works in Hungarian, Romanian and English.


      • Hungarian Gestalt Association (MAG)
      • European Gestalt Therapy Association (EAGT)



      Motto: „Wasted energy is the most expensive one!”


      Györgyi Szalay

      Executive Coach


      Her work is charactherised by system and solution-oriented approach and also by the effective combination of emotional and energetic coaching. Thanks to these the coaching process results in detectable and sustainable improvement in the personal managerial effectiveness, stress tolerance and conflict stability.

      She spent more than 1500 hours coaching – Hungarian and German – clients and uses a wide range of methodological techniques what gives her the possibility to support her clients unfolding their abilities in the way best suited to their personalities and goals.

      During her work she focuses on facilitating personalised solutions, improving individual abilities and resolving factors interfering the unfolding of the client’s abilities. Her methods applied during the coaching process are based on the integration of modern behavioural science researches and effictive coaching procedures.

      Activity focal points:

      • Leadership development – Great ones from good ones!
      • Talent management of the highly important employees
      • Development of managerial effectiveness of experienced professionals
      • Intercultural personnel development
      • Development of cooperation – Conflict sesolution and dediation
      • Work-life balance
      • Stres management / Burn out prevention
      • Train the coach

      Motto: “There is only one knowledge, the other is just jointing: Beneath you the earth, above the sky and in you are the ladder.”


      Judit Martonosi-Nagy

      Senior Consultant


      Judit graduated at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration as an Economist and Teacher of Economics. She started her professional career in the field of Controlling and Accounting as a Specialist, later continued as a Supervisor in the same area working for multinational companies in the Energy and Service Sectors.

      Following her instinctive feeling to support people and their life-long development she later changed to the field of Human Resources Management.
      As Branch Manager of the Financial Division of Kelly Services Hungary, she started her HR-career by Headhunting Financial, Accounting professionals and executives. From here she moved to Assessment Systems Hungary as a Consulting Team Lead and Project Manager, and she was dealing with the design and execution of Assessment- and Development Centers, Psychometric Testing, Competence-analyses and -development, Executive and Team-Coaching, Career Management and Outplacement Consulting. Later she broadened her specialisation to the fields of Engineering, Marketing, Commerce, HR, Legal and general / Executive Management at GreenSearch pursuing Executive Search.

      As a qualified Business and Life Coach, Outplacement- and Hogan-Consultant, she is devoted to support people in their own professional development.
      She joined the Executive Search and Headhunting team of ISG as a Senior Consultant.
      She gained major experience in the following business segments: Manufacturing / Production, Technical Commerce, Automotive, Construction, FMCG, Energetics, Oil- and gas, Business Support Centers, Banking and Finance, Big4.


      • Executive Search and Headhunting / Direct Search projects
      • Management Diagnostics / Tests
      • Design and execution of Assessment / Development Centers
      • Executive Consulting, Career-Management Consulting, Outplacement
      • Executive and Team-Coaching

      Motto: “And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count; it’s the life in your years.” —Abraham Lincoln