Reorganization Phase – Separation management & newplacement

      Our ISG consultants support you in both expansion and reorganization phases.

      Our ISG consultants support you in both expansion and reorganization phases.

      Reorganization phases are often characterized by measures, that are often accompanied by downsizing.

      To ensure a professional implementation, we offer you a wide range of services:

      • The separation management enables fair, human and professional dismissals,
      • Newplacement guarantees low-conflict separation processes and the successful reintegration of your employees into the labor market.
      • In order to prevent legal disputes, you will receive preparation and support for separation procedures in accordance with the corresponding labor laws.

      Our service portfolio ranges from individual consultation to process consulting in the course of major restructuring activities.

      Companies using newplacement advice pay attention to their social responsibility. This has an image-forming impact and a positive influence on your employer brand – both internally and externally.

      Separation management

      Executive personnel, Human Resources Management and work councils are often faced with the challenge of conducting dismissals in a fair, humane and professional manner.

      Our offer consists of a preliminary interview, the separation management and a follow-up. 

      Preliminary interview

      The initial situation and current requirements are analyzed in a preliminary interview.

      The definition of the main topics and the content is a central element of this phase. Furthermore, framework conditions and the organization are specified.

      Separation management

      To conduct dismissals clearly, fairly and humanely, the use of some tools is required.

      The necessary measures for communicating difficult messages, especially in the virtual space, as well as dealing with emotional reactions, typical behavior patterns and personality typologies in the crisis are mediated.

      Maintaining personal balance and gaining the ability to distance yourself is very important for executives and is trained in this module.

      A current focus is the current application of the methodology in virtual space!


      In this phase, the implementation success is reflected. Furthermore, possible measures to strengthen and ensure sustainability are discussed.

      Advantages for your company

      Both your employees and your executives benefit from a professional separation management. The use of various guidelines and tools in the separation process is an expression of appreciation towards your departing employees and your executive personnel will also learn how to maintain a professional distance and a personal balance.


      You can provide your departing employees with ongoing support for orientation on the job market and reintegration into the work process by professional support. This is done in two phases:

      1. Orientation phase

      The status quo is imposed during the first orientation phase between our ISG Consultants and your employees. The professional situation, as well as the private component are focused on in this phase.

      Some employees can handle changes quite well, while others need targeted support. In this phase, it is very important to respond and to respect the employees’ feelings.

      Our skilled ISG Trainers exhibit long-lasting experience in coaching people, who have difficulties coping with restructuring. A special coaching helps to recognize positive aspects of a change, to develop the personality further and to optimally prepare the respective employee for future tasks.

      2. Operational Phase

      The operational phase consists of four modules:

      a) Optimization of the application documents

      At the beginning of the operational phase, the application documents are optimized. Convincing application documents are created considering content and layout. The optimization steps depend on the individual employee, which is the reason for a tailor-made offer to ensure the best possible support.

      b) Target group analysis

      Based on the potentials of the individual employee, target groups are analyzed concerning industries and functions. This enables a first presentation and assessment of opportunities and perspectives. The analysis subsequently serves as the basis for positioning of the respective employee.

      c) Positioning

      The proper positioning is crucial to ensure that the employee is found as a potential candidate. Depending on the industry and function, positioning takes place on different channels – in particular, the focus is on the use of social media and the placement of a profile on various job platforms.

      d) Preparation for the interview

      At the end of the operational phase, employees are prepared for the interview. In addition to advice concerning special interview questions, application trainings in the form of role-playing games will be simulated. Another aspect is the preparation for alternative selection methods, such as the assessment center.

      Advantages for your company

      The newplacement consulting has many advantages for companies. We offer support of your employees in professional reorientation, as well as both professional and emotional support. Other advantages would be improving the company image, maintaining and strengthening the positive working atmosphere while effectively saving you costs.

      We also offer legal advice in the course of separation proceedings. Our lawyer, who is specialized in labor law, will prepare and support the separation process to avoid legal disputes, which can be time-consuming and cost intensive.

      You will receive guidance concerning the preparation for as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a mutually agreed upon dismissal


      Meet the team behind Reorganization Phase – Separation management & newplacement

      Mag. Guido Leissinger

      Chief Executive Officer & Founder


      After completing his studies at Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Guido Leissinger began his professional career in management consultancy. His successful activities included organisational consultancy in many different companies dealing in a variety of commercial fields. Due to his very distinct interest in people, he switched from management to personnel consultancy.


      • Search & selection of specialist workforce and executives
      • HR development
      • Start-up and expansion of companies in Central and Eastern Europe
      • Design and implementation of promotion and selection assessment centers
      Thanks to his wide knowledge and his strong sales orientation, he was made departmental manager after a short time. From 1993 to 1999, he successfully led CATRO as general manager being in charge of 60 employees in Austria and the Eastern European subsidiaries.

      Guido Leissinger founded ISG in 1999 and has since built up the company from zero to more than 500 people in 23 countries.


      • Personnel consulting
      • HR development
      • Trainings

      His leadership style is characterised by the notion that the human being should always be the central focus of all considerations. ISG’s long-term success can only be achieved through teamwork, mutual respect and understanding as well as constant on-the-job training.

      Motto: „Success is not a coincidence“


      Eckard Bathe

      Managing Partner


      As part of the recruitment process, Eckard Bathe looks very closely at the personality traits of the applicants and brings them into line with the corporate culture. It is important to find a candidate who, in addition to the professional qualifications, also personally suits the new colleagues. In order to achieve good cooperation and mutual appreciation, he sees his task, in addition to recruiting, in onboarding the candidates.

      For consulting projects, Eckard Bathe focuses on the strategic and organizational (new) development of a company using change processes. Methodologies from mediation are also used here.

      Eckard Bathe holds a degree in mechanical engineering (FH), business coach (certified DCV & Steinbeis University Berlin IfBE), personal coach (certified DCV), had many years of management positions and management in medium-sized companies and is a lecturer at DHBW Lörrach.

      Subject areas

      • Recruitment of specialists and managers
      • Change management
      • Personal development
      • Coaching managers in challenging situations

      Stefan Blattmann

      Managing Partner


      After studying business administration, Stefan Blattmann worked as a recruiter, primarily in the area of employee selection and development in the automotive supplier industry. Afterwards he studied psychology with focus on work processes and organizations as well as pedagogy of further education and qualification and took on teaching positions for business administration at various educational institutions.

      For 20 years he has been involved intensively in supporting people and organizations in change processes. He conducted nationwide scientific studies on the subject of “outplacement” and the effects of job loss. He has remained in this field to this day in various contexts as an outplacement consultant, coach, seminar, project and regional manager as well as authorized signatory of over 40 transfer companies, among others as Lee Hecht Harrison. He intensified his basis of consulting expertise through trainings in client-centered conversation and consulting as well as in neurosystemic coaching, team and organizational development at the Milton-Erickson Institute in Heidelberg (with Dr. Gunther Schmidt).

      Areas of focus:

      Customized filling of HR AND MANAGEMENT POSITIONS – Expertise through years of HR and Consulting work

      OUTPLACEMENT, CAREER ADVICE, PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT – Develop performance potential and use it in a targeted manner (individual and group programs)

      DESIGN OF CHANGE PROCESSES – holistic and goal-oriented optimization of performance-supporting conditions for sustainable corporate success (sustainable strengthening and promotion of individuals and teams)

      DEALING WITH CRISES – constructive solutions when dealing with difficulties or challenging situations – effective, efficient and sustainable


      Gerhard Grimm

      Managing Partner

      ISG Personalmanagement GmbH
      Am Pulverturm 22
      D-83278 Traunstein


      Gerhard Grimm is your contact person and solution provider based in Munich / Chiemgau regarding the search and recruitment of new employees (m/f/d). His areas of specialization are the technological sectors of drive and automation technology, automotive, machine and plant construction, mechatronics, medical technology, optoelectronics and robotics.

      For over 16 years he has been recruiting specialists and leaders on all levels for medium-sized as well as owner-operated companies of all sizes.

      His clients appreciate his competences and his pragmatic and benefit-oriented consultation which is based on 23 years of practical experience in leading positions in technology-oriented companies as well as 16 years as solution provider as personnel and business consultant.

      After graduating from school, completing his officer’s training and finishing a degree in electrical technology, he started working as trainer and learning guide in electronics education. Several years as department leader at a technical school followed. For the next 16 years Gerhard Grimm was leader of the training and development / personnel department of an international market and technology leader for tooling machines, automation and steering technology. These years proved to be formative for both his career and private life. In a highly technological environment Gerhard Grimm acquired extensive skills in leadership, recruiting, employee selection, leadership development and HR-Marketing. Trainings in systemic consulting, coaching, moderation, value-oriented leadership and business studies complete his know-how which he uses for the benefit of his clients with great enthusiasm. Gerhard Grimm also enjoys working on topics such as health-conscious leadership and sustainable company development as coach and personal consultant.

      Gerhard Grimm is voluntary deputy chairman and district chair of the “Berufsausbilder-Verband Bayern e.V.” (Association of vocational trainers of Bavaria) and is a mentor and judge at the “Bayrische EliteAkademie” (Bavarian Elite Academy).

      Focus areas:

      • Search & selection of specialists and leaders / Expert & Executive Search
      • Personnel development and training
      • Personnel management and consulting
      • Support of change processes
      • Career consulting / support and coaching
      • Health-conscious leadership and sustainable company development
      • HR-Marketing / Employer Branding HR

      Motto: “The secret to success is to understand the viewpoint of others.” (Henry Ford I., car manufacturer)


      Ulrich Kiesl

      Managing Partner


      Ulrich Kiesl is your direct contact person and consultant for the region of Munich and its surrounding area. Originally from Munich, he has lived in the Rosenheim area for 25 years and is committed to providing excellent service to medium-sized companies, specifically in the industries of Sport and (Rotary?). With focus on personnel / organization, sales and financing, while studying business administration at the University of Passau (Dipl.-Kfm. Univ.) he started his career as a trainee in one of the leading insurance companies. With an approximate 30 years of professional experience in management and specialist roles, mainly in sales positions within the finance and insurance industry, Mr. Kiesl brings a very high level of consulting expertise. Mr. Kiesl works as an accredited consultant in the promotion program corporate value: MENSCH and as a listed BAFA consultant and trainer. His focus is on strategic (HR) consulting, the strengthening of the success factor of people and the networking of small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, as product manager and project manager, he successfully implemented nationwide innovation projects. Since 2017, Mr. Kiesl has been active as a personnel consultant for ISG and advises clients on innovative HR management with a focus on staff retention and recruiting. He specializes in the technology sectors (automotive, mechanical engineering, semiconductor industry) and the insurance industry.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Search & Selection of Specialists and Executives
      • Professional & Executive Search
      • Personnel Marketing / Employer Branding
      • Personnel Development and Training
      • Outplacement
      • Personnel Policy Advice with the Support Program company value: People
      • Strategic Management Consulting / Change for SMEs (also with BAFA funding )

      Motto: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Steve Jobs


      Adrjen Weber

      Managing Partner


      Adrjen Weber is a Manging Partner of ISG Personalmanagement GmbH in Stuttgart – Bodensee with an office in Aldingen. After successfully completing his training as an industrial clerk and continuing his education as a Business Economist, Mr. Weber worked for a leading industrial company in sales, most recently as a Sales Manager.

      With nearly 20 years of professional experience in management and specialist positions, with a focus on the distribution of the supplier industry and the automotive sector, Mr. Weber has a correspondingly high level of consulting expertise. He expanded his knowledge through continuous education and with extra-occupational study (Fern-Universität).

      Mr. Weber has been a Managing Partner at ISG since 2017 and was able to gain well-known customers after a short time and support them competently and successfully with regard to personnel requirements. Even in hard-to-fill areas, e.g. In the area of ​​service technician (m / w), Mr. Weber was able to build up a high level of special expertise and to win the sought-after personnel for his customers.

      Mr. Weber is a member of the so-called ” Automotive  Sector Group ” due to his focus on the supplier industry and automotive sector. He can thus access a team specializing in the automotive industry, both in Germany and internationally, in order to provide his customers with optimal advice and support.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Search & selection of specialists and executives
      • Professional & Executive Search
      • Recruiting projects Automotive / Industry
      • Training & Developement Consulting – about ISG specialists

      Motto: “One has a head start in life, who tackles where the others first talk.” (John F. Kennedy)


      Mag. Silvia Karnitsch

      Senior Consultant, Bewerbungs- & Karrierecoach


      During her studies of organizational- & economic psychology and a 2 year fulltime course of market communication & advertising Silvia Karnitsch was working at renowned advertising agencies as market researcher and strategic planner.

      After finishing her studies (focus on diagnostics & economic psychology) in 2006 she conducts her career as international sales & marketing specialist (CEE & Asia) at the worldwide leading company for psychological computerized test procedures.

      Business Development, establishing new partner agencies around the world, consulting of HR clients, and analysing and improvement of HR solutions were her main tasks.

      She supported companies & institutions with the implementation of personnel selection- and development tools, held workshops and trainings (inland & abroad), and she was strongly cooperating with the intern Research & Development and IT department to develop new tools.

      For a deeper and more direct HR access she decided to join ISG Vienna in October 2008. She is consultant with a focus on sales positions. Her clients are from industry, trading, science and economic. She also supports job seeking persons as well as persons who are looking for a new career opportunity as application- & careercoach.

      What counts for her: open and direct communication with clients AND applicants, fast and longlasting results, satisfied customers at company side AS WELL AS at application side.

      Motto: When walking – walk! When sitting – sit! And above all: don’t seesaw.


      Mag. Martina Süssl

      Training & Development


      Parallel to her studies of psychology with the focus on occupational, organizational and industrial psychology at the University of Vienna, Martina Süssl began her professional career in the service team of DO & CO. To be host with all her heart and soul and to fulfill the highest quality standards was a daily challenge to be met. The awareness that customers are the only reason for the existence of a business, affects her working style to this day.

      During this ten-year stint she was responsible for the organization and direction of numerous projects and in 1997 she was – based on her success – appointed as manager of a profit-centre. In this function she was able to gather important experience in management and was able to deploy instruments of personnel management as well as recruiting, implementing and leading appraisal interviews, developing and carrying out in-house workshops. Cost responsibility and result responsibility helped her understand the ways of business and entrepreneurial thinking.

      Her intense interest in human resource management and her passion for customer-services were the reasons to change into the field of consultancy. Since the beginning of 2003, she has been a successful member of the ISG’s consultancy team. She supports numerous renowned companies in different industries (production, trade, service, non-profit) in the area of recruitment procedures. Her special interest values the individual abilities of people – the evaluation of high potential candidates in personnel development projects is one of her core competencies.


      • Search & Selection of specialists and senior staff
      • Design and implementation of assessment centres
      • Potential analysis and psychological diagnostics
      • Outplacement projects

      Due to her above-average commitment she looks after her customers providing highest quality and sustainability.

      Motto: „The only way to improve something is by questioning it.“


      Mag. Susanne Steinhauser

      Projektmanagement & Controlling


      After a successful graduate degree in international marketing and management with emphasis on Controlling and corporate governance, Susanne Steinhauser started her career at ISG Personalmanagement GmbH as HR consultant. Next to her responsibilities of recruiting qualified personnel, she was assigned assistant activities for the management. Soon she assumed control of administration and coordination department.

      As of 2010 she reinforces team of HR-Training& Developement


      • Controlling und cost analysis for HR-Training and Developement
      • Key account manager
      • Quality management and business process optimization
      • Coordination of ISG Intensive-Training
      • Concept and Implementation of 360° Mystery Checks
      • Studies of business potential and Analysis

      Motto: Everyone has his own fortune.


      Dr. Gerhard Klein

      Senior Consultant


      In addition to studying journalism and political science at the University of Vienna, Gerhard Klein worked for ORF (Austrian Radio and TV Station).

      After graduation he worked as an editor in a publishing house for seven years, where he acquired proficiency and experience in the media sector. Then he changed to ” the client side ” and was (again, seven years) responsible for public relations and various prevention projects for “Aids Hilfe Wien”. He is the winner of the Print-Oscar (best PR project in Austria), was Head of the International Fundraising Group, Executive Editor of “Radio PosiHIV ” and chief editor of the television series “TV + “.

      For two years he took over the PR of “SDW” (addiction and drug coordinaton in Vienna) and also served as press spokesman for the Vienna drug coordinator. In this position he worked closely with the City of Vienna.

      Since 2009 he has been working as a consultant for ISG and supports his customers in the fields of:

      • Staffing / Recruiting
      • Executive Search
      • Newplacement

      Motto: „Today is the beginning of the rest of your life“ Carpe diem


      Jörg Hohlfeld

      Trainer, Coach & Berater


      Jörg Hohlfeld is a partner of ISG Personalmanagement Germany GmbH and responsible for Training & Development at the Augsburg site.

      After successfully training to become a state-approved electrical engineer, Jörg Hohlfeld began as a service technician in the IT industry. His further professional development led him into the areas of sales and training with the world’s leading ICT service provider, Ingram Micro. As a sales manager there, he headed sales teams for several years in the areas of key accounts and pan-European accounts, before he became the Regional Sales Manager in Germany responsible for international customers. At the same time he served as a trainer for in-house workshops in the fields of CRM and ERP, as well as sales department trainings. In addition, Jörg Hohlfeld developed himself further as a consultant in the areas of body language, communication skills and personality development for private clients and SMEs. To polish it all off he completed the training to become a certified personnel and business coach, before he started his own consulting, coaching and training business.

      Jörg Hohlfeld delivers over 25 years of practical experience from the industrial, service, and commercial sectors, and serves to develop the potential of technical and management personnel as well as in the professional support of employees in the areas of business coaching and training. His entrepreneurial know-how from the economy and his leadership positions, in addition to his cross-industry experience in service, form the practical and value-oriented basis for successful personal development and sustainable business success.

      Training focus:

      • Developing the potential of professionals and executives (including coaching guidance during the first 100 days of the new management role)
      • Sales analysis, sales consulting and sales coaching (also on site)
      • Trainings for communication, discussion and negotiation, leadership development, successful selling, customer and key-account management, personal development and knowledge of human nature
      • Consulting and creation of programs to develop potential and leadership

      Motto: “Progress does not consist of the improvement of what was, but in directing what will be.” (Khalil Gibran)


      Mag. Birger Gerritsen



      Birger Gerritsen is an aptitude diagnostician and a specialist in the “Employee Life Cycle” domain.

      He firmly believes that a holistic and professional support of employees throughout their journey within a company not only significantly impacts people’s satisfaction but also substantially enhances employees’ commitment to the company.

      In the field of aptitude diagnostics, he emphasizes a strengths-oriented approach because he believes that every individual possesses a wide array of potentials. However, these must be deliberately identified and analyzed before they can be utilized effectively in practice.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Design and facilitation of potential analyses and diagnostic procedures
      • Development and implementation of online-based surveys and multisource feedback
      • Personality assessments and testing
      • Training and development of executives in the realm of “Professional Recruiting”
      • Outplacement consultation and support