After having graduated from the Sankt Georg Austrian High School, Eser studied Economics in the Istanbul University. She obtained her MSc degree in International Banking from Marmara University with a special focus on the establishment of performance management systems in banks.

Eser started her professional career in the first and largest investment and development bank in Turkey. Between 1990 and 1996 she worked as a system development specialist in the Bank’s Renovation Project that aimed the restructuring of the procedures and processes of the Bank, thus enabling the creation of a more efficient Management Information System. In 1996 she was appointed to the Human Resource Management Department. She took part in the transformation of the former “Personnel Department” to a new HR management function with higher responsibilities and a broader vision. Her job involved some reformist actions such as the creation of a new salary and benefits system and the development and implementation of the performance evaluation methodology in the Bank. Eser was appointed as the Managing Director and the Board Member of the Banks Employees’ Assistance and Pension Funds in 2002. Reporting to the Board of Directors, she assumed full responsibility of the operations and activities performed by both Funds.

Eser joined ISG-team in August 2013. Owing to her 22 years of professional experience, she has extensive knowledge in issues concerning Appraisal Techniques, Organizational Transformation, Work Law, Social Security and Health System and Foundations in Turkey.  Her experience contributes to the capacity building in ISG in the following areas:

  • Executive Search
  • Search and Selection
  • Organizational Development
  • Change Management
  • Restructuring
  • Labor Law
  • Outplacement
  • Talent Management

Motto: “It’s about empathy and joy.”