Her work is charactherised by system and solution-oriented approach and also by the effective combination of emotional and energetic coaching. Thanks to these the coaching process results in detectable and sustainable improvement in the personal managerial effectiveness, stress tolerance and conflict stability.

She spent more than 1500 hours coaching – Hungarian and German – clients and uses a wide range of methodological techniques what gives her the possibility to support her clients unfolding their abilities in the way best suited to their personalities and goals.

During her work she focuses on facilitating personalised solutions, improving individual abilities and resolving factors interfering the unfolding of the client’s abilities. Her methods applied during the coaching process are based on the integration of modern behavioural science researches and effictive coaching procedures.

Activity focal points:

  • Leadership development – Great ones from good ones!
  • Talent management of the highly important employees
  • Development of managerial effectiveness of experienced professionals
  • Intercultural personnel development
  • Development of cooperation – Conflict sesolution and dediation
  • Work-life balance
  • Stres management / Burn out prevention
  • Train the coach

Motto: “There is only one knowledge, the other is just jointing: Beneath you the earth, above the sky and in you are the ladder.”