Karin Rathje is an innovation and change manager, specializing in coaching companies through complex change processes. With her many years of experience as a coach she has accompanied and supported senior management and employees through their occupational changes. Her main interest lies in the development of each individual’s unique potential.

Already during her natural sciences (biology and anthropology) studies, she demonstrated her high affinity to the technical industry and the healthcare sector. She changed to personnel consulting/Recruitment when she finished her study.

She then specialized in the area of self-development in profession and career.

By working and training at nextpractice under the direction of Prof. Peter Kruse she gained knowledge in change management and business administration and thus expertise in the transfer of self-organization concepts relating to business issues. Therefore today her focus is directed to organizational development.

Karin Rathje created systematic architectures and designs for change processes, Team training, Facilitation, mission statements, future orientation are part of her repertoire.

Karin Rathje works as a freelance trainer since 2004. Her coaching concept -„Karin Rathje – Coaching by Horse“, was one of the first to use such methods of coaching successfully.

In March 2015 Karin Rathje joined the ISG as cooperation partner, her areas of focus are:

Areas of expertise

  • Change management, architectures and designs for change management as well as related workshops such as future orientation, mission statements and open space workshops etc.)
  • Innovation and furious concept-workshops
  • Communication training, Customer Management
  • Recruiting, Outplacement, career coaching (also in the field of rehabilitation), HR strategy consulting
  • Assessment center und orientation center
  • Horse assisted training and coaching
  • Personal development and coaching

Motto: “Exact and cool analysis combined with heartiness, warmth and humor are the road to success.”