Training & Development

      Team Building and Moderation

      Team building

      Central aspects of a rewarding working environment are a sense of belonging and the recognition we receive from our colleagues. We are social beings and need contact and exchange with other people; this is also relevant on the job.

      Our activities for building a culture of trust and cooperation help you to see how to overcome obstacles on subject and interpersonal levels and how to create experiences for collective growth within the team.

      Have a look at our topics:
      • Team building for new and existing teams
      • Creating clarity about tasks and roles together
      • Working on and solving conflicts in a team
      • Create trust and feedback culture
      • Encourage mindfulness in the team


      How do we shape the future of our company? Which tasks require our attention? Which solutions are conceivable?

      Our counseling systematically directs the participants through different processes. Identifying concrete outsets, we guide them in making ideas tangible and tackling the next steps. The basis is the determination of concrete intitial situations. Appropriate moderation techniques generate relevant solutions.

      Have a look at our topics:
      • Kick-off events
      • Strategy meetings for executive teams
      • Dealing with transformation processes in large groups
      • Innovation workshops

      Experience orientation

      Relaxed and content employees convey satisfaction; a satisfied staff is the heart and soul of every organization. Make use of events to create new perspectives and encourage your employees’ identification with the company’s cultural, leadership and management style. An event can be used to deal with particular topics and questions; the experience is always paramount, though.

      Have a look at our topics:
      • Indoor and outdoor events
      • Seminars and workshops
      • Events and incentives

      Our services in Training & Development


      Meet the team behind Team Building and Moderation

      Herbert Steinhauser



      Herbert Steinhauser’s career started in the automobile industry. His success as a salesperson for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche paved the way for his career as key account manager for major commercial clients. A strong passion for communication in general and sales in particular led to his decision to move into the training profession. Following an intensive Train-the-Trainer-course with a highly reputed consulting firm, he worked for a number of organisations as a trainer and coach.

      During this time he acquired extensive know-how in the training and development of managers and sales personnel as well as technical and back office staff.

      Thus, as a sales manager, he led his teams to great success whilst gathering valuable experience in leadership. During that time he was in charge of the start-up of three B2B-units and a staff of up to 30.
      Since 2001, Herbert Steinhauser has been responsible for ISG’s Training & Development unit. Customers from diverse industries, often market leaders, work with him and benefit from individually tailored training concepts.


      • Sales and Acquisition
      • Communication
      • Personal Skills Development
      • Motivational Training
      • Leadership Styles and Tools
      • Presentation Techniques
      • Teambuilding and Potential Analysis

      Herbert Steinhauser’s training feature a high degree of practicability with respect to daily business. He is intensively concerned with Change Processes in organisations and is highly successful in positively influencing employees’ reactions and behaviours in order to make change happen.

      Motto: „Energy cannot be destroyed.“


      Christian Watzenig

      Training & Development


      With a background in the furniture industry, he then specialized in carpentry and interior design, and quickly moved from there to consulting and sales in the high-end furniture trade. He was instrumental in setting up two franchise locations in the center of Vienna and soon had the opportunity to lead his own team. In short time he was able to really make these teams successful.

      Christian Watzenig was responsible for the successful management of both franchise locations for four years.  He developed his own training program within the company to make successful employees even more successful.  The focus of these internal trainings was: sales, presentation, and communication.

      After becoming a trainer (Competences: economic and social affairs), he supported a medium-sized company in the upscale furniture trade (approximately 250 employees) as a sales manager.


      • Sales
      • Leadership

      His goal is to be practically oriented and effective

      Motto: „Die Qualität der Saat bestimmt die Qualität der Ernte.


      Mag. Susanne Steinhauser

      Projektmanagement & Controlling


      After a successful graduate degree in international marketing and management with emphasis on Controlling and corporate governance, Susanne Steinhauser started her career at ISG Personalmanagement GmbH as HR consultant. Next to her responsibilities of recruiting qualified personnel, she was assigned assistant activities for the management. Soon she assumed control of administration and coordination department.

      As of 2010 she reinforces team of HR-Training& Developement


      • Controlling und cost analysis for HR-Training and Developement
      • Key account manager
      • Quality management and business process optimization
      • Coordination of ISG Intensive-Training
      • Concept and Implementation of 360° Mystery Checks
      • Studies of business potential and Analysis

      Motto: Everyone has his own fortune.


      Mag. Martina Süssl

      Training & Development


      Parallel to her studies of psychology with the focus on occupational, organizational and industrial psychology at the University of Vienna, Martina Süssl began her professional career in the service team of DO & CO. To be host with all her heart and soul and to fulfill the highest quality standards was a daily challenge to be met. The awareness that customers are the only reason for the existence of a business, affects her working style to this day.

      During this ten-year stint she was responsible for the organization and direction of numerous projects and in 1997 she was – based on her success – appointed as manager of a profit-centre. In this function she was able to gather important experience in management and was able to deploy instruments of personnel management as well as recruiting, implementing and leading appraisal interviews, developing and carrying out in-house workshops. Cost responsibility and result responsibility helped her understand the ways of business and entrepreneurial thinking.

      Her intense interest in human resource management and her passion for customer-services were the reasons to change into the field of consultancy. Since the beginning of 2003, she has been a successful member of the ISG’s consultancy team. She supports numerous renowned companies in different industries (production, trade, service, non-profit) in the area of recruitment procedures. Her special interest values the individual abilities of people – the evaluation of high potential candidates in personnel development projects is one of her core competencies.


      • Search & Selection of specialists and senior staff
      • Design and implementation of assessment centres
      • Potential analysis and psychological diagnostics
      • Outplacement projects

      Due to her above-average commitment she looks after her customers providing highest quality and sustainability.

      Motto: „The only way to improve something is by questioning it.“


      Dipl. – Sozw. Miriam Murg

      Training & Development


      Miriam Murg studied social sciences at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen / Nuremberg (Germany), with an emphasis on “industrial and organizational psychology” and “Personnel Economics”. During her studies she was active for four years as a trainee student at one of the world’s largest technology companies, where she first gained professional experience and insight into the business processes of global players.

      On the basis of her study focus and her passion for working with people, Miriam Murg started her career in early 2005 with ISG in the field of HR, where she primarily supported well known companies in finding and selecting new employees.

      Among her special areas of expertise are the development and monitoring of strategic training programs with a focus on apprenticeship, traineeship, High Potential and junior programs, and the design and implementation of potential analysis, such as Assessment / Development Center, structured interviews and 360 ° – feedback.
      The development and implementation of employee appraisal meetings, as well as the implementation of apprenticeship training round out her activity profile.

      Of particular importance for Miriam Murg is the development of people, taking into account their abilities and potentials , without losing the connection to the company and her respective goal.

      In early 2006, Miriam Murg switched within ISG from personnel consulting to the training and development department where she has since been particularly active in the field of human resource development.

      Motto: „A secret of success is to understand the other person’s perspective.“


      Mag. Alfred Schaider

      Training & Development


      “Supporting people and businesses along the way towards their goals”, is Alfred Schaider’s main objective which he chose early on, inspired by early experiences as teamleader and in sales, during his studies in business management in Graz and Manchester. Consequently, this led him to specialise in personnel and organisational development as well as knowledge management.

      To supplement his academic management know-how, Alfred Schaider also completed self-awareness-oriented trainer courses and further seminars such as radio and stage presentations, conflict partnership, coaching and team-development.

      Alfred Schaider’s distinct talent to combine diverse approaches as well as dealing with people in an authentic, humorous and appreciative way, contributed vastly to his success as a trainer since 2000.
      After training and coaching thousands of people from various business backgrounds, levels of education and age groups in the areas of leadership, sales, teamwork, conflict management, communication, self-marketing and issues arising from professional orientation he joined ISG in in 2006. He currently works on making his vision (and yours?) reality through customised team development, leadership and sales trainings and individual coachings – accommodating both economic and personal aspects in organisations assuring a company’s success.

      In contact with managers, employees and HR of different branches Alfred Schaider developed as very special training-focus since 2010: „Making people happy at work!“
      Combining scientifically-sound interventions from “positive psychology” (cf. Seligman, Peterson, Lyubomirsky, Diener, Csikszentmihalyi, Fredrickson, Cameron e.a) a relatively new branch of research, as well as techniques out of the Systemic and Logotherapeutic context he offers “Happy at work” as keynote-speech, seminar-program, teamworkshop or individual coaching-process.

      Motto: „Meaning can´t be given, but it can be found;in our work, in our relationships and in our lives.“


      Mag. Claudia Wallner

      Expert in "Leadership Development" and "Strategic Developmentprograms"


      Claudia Wallner serves numerous national and international companies. As a business informatics graduate, mental coach, and personality trainer, she leverages her diverse expertise to design innovative and practical life-long learning solutions.

      Valuing the uniqueness and versatility of individuals, she creates a training environment where each participant can develop highly individually. In other words, her great passion lies in guiding individuals and teams through competence development processes.

      Focus Areas:

      • Strategic Human Resources Development and Blended Learning
      • Modern Leadership, Change Leadership, and Healthy Leadership
      • Self- and team leadership in change and New Work environments
      • Leadership tools, communication, and conflict management
      • Coaching and mental training
      • Train the Trainer


      Motto: „Things are never as they are. They are, what we make of them.“


      Harald Gesell, MBA

      Training & Development


      Harald Gesell began his professional career in database development and computer literacy. After only a short time he discovered his natural communication skills and from 1994 worked as a self-development trainer.
      In addition to his work he completed a number of further trainings, including Train-the-Trainer, coaching and systemic trainings.


      • Development of leadership models and training of required skills
      • Introduction of mentoring systems
      • Implementation of appraisal interviews
      • Development of agent scorecards measuring customer orientation
      • Design and implementation of business and departmental strategies
      • Business evaluation of educational measures

      Harald Gesell’s strengths lie in the ability to apprehend complex commercial contexts identifying necessary changes. His professional experience includes work in financial services, in the automobile industry, telecommunications, IT and with various manufacturers. The extent of his operational experience is an enrichment to facilitation, consultancy and training.


      • Leadership – executive and junior executive development
      • Business games
      • Leadership instruments – performance management and target agreement systems
      • Strategies – mission statement, leadership motto, business and departmental strategies
      • Change processes – restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, team processes
      • Sales development– strategic positioning on the market, sales management

      Roman Schmidt

      Training & Development


      At the beginning he started in the consulting business, focusing on business consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the IT training of the entire MS Office range from beginners to programmers. Thus from the beginning on he focused on financial and economic topics, supported by an efficient computer use.

      During his time in the automotive industry, where he supported a variety of enterprises in budgeting and reporting and developed together with dealers a benchmarking system, also the efficient use of the tools played an important role. Tools should always be a means to an end and not an end in itself.

      After moving into the real estate investment industry and becoming partner and managing director, he set the focus on the optimal organization of the financial department following the motto: The right information at the right time and right place at the right addressee. In particular, the cross-border issues with different accounting rules, IT systems, languages and mentalities (it was necessary to coordinate some 140 employees) resulted in exiting projects.


      • Analysis & Planning (budgeting, business plans, target / actual comparisons, liquidity management, etc.)
      • Reporting (design and implementation of reporting solutions)
      • Calculation (profitability analysis, profit center management, business valuation, etc.)
      • Handling of Controlling tasks in the context of outsourcing projects
      • Interim Management
      • IT Training

      Motto: „Die Tugend des Erfolgreichen zeigt sich ebenso groß im Vermeiden wie im Überwinden von Gefahren!“



      Robert Tomczak, MA

      Training & Development


      During his studies in corporate management Robert Tomczak soon realized the importance of Sales, at the centerpiece of every company. A centerpiece fueled by the essential impulse of customer satisfaction. This knowledge has, combined with his joy of connecting and working with people, initiated his passion for sales.

      Subsequent to the following successful part-time master studies in business consulting (specialization: Marketing & Sales) he consulted numerous companies besides his activity as salesman. In this function he designed concepts for client acquisition, which in combination with praxis-related on the jobs trainings, guaranteed a successful implementation. Therefore he has been able to gain cross-sector experience in consulting and sales in the last four years.

      In addition he still supports students of his alma mater during the preparation for international sales competitions, since he himself won the first price at the European sales Competition in 2012, during his college days.

      His enthusiasm and his winning smile have leaded him to the ISG in 2014, where he actively supports the Training & Development as Junior Sales trainer.

      Area of Focus:

      • Telemarketing
      • Telephone trainings
      • Joint Visits

      Motto: „Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Emmerson


      Karin Wahl

      Training & Development



      • Seminars and trainings on communication and sales
      • Individual and team coaching
      • Personality and team development
      • Conflict Management and Negotiation
      • Mediation and Conflict Resolution


      Since 2006, working succesfully as a registrated mediator, trainer und coach

      • 14 years as an employee and manager in sales, marketing and consulting
      • Marketing and sales for e-learning and blended learning projects (spin-off TU Vienna)
      • Design and active tutoring in blended learning courses (process and project management)
      • Consulting for interactive media projects (internet, intranet, CD-ROMs, interactive teletext)
      • Business development of an online auction house with a focus in the areas fo sales, marketing and technical service
      • Specific study of “succes factors for young technology companies in Austria”(TU Vienna)
      • Field, broker and sales support in class of insurance

      Motto: „If you can dream it, you can do it.“


      Wolfgang Gsur

      Trainer & Coach


      While studying business informatics Wolfgang Gsur has discovered his interest in teamwork. He was fascinated by the different team-constellations – while some teams are high-performing-teams, whose cooperation and teamwork is an enrichment for everyone, some teams are low-performance-teams, who interfere with each other and ultimately perform in a sub-optimal way, although both teams did the same – inefficient – efforts in the project.

      Since then he has focused on team-dynamics and team-competencies, which roles within a team are important and how they perfectly complement each other.

      After his studies he has worked in the training & development department of a financial company. In 2009 he switched into the Consulting, furthermore he successfully completed the training to be a trainer and individual coach and later on he managed some project in the “Coachingalerie”. Since 2017 he successfully supports the team of the ISG Personalmanagement GmbH.


      • Conception and monitoring of personnel development measures
      • Management Development
      • Establishing and expanding communication skills
      • Individual Coaching
      • Moderation of workshops

      Motto: „Tomorrow, you will wish you had started today!“


      Daniel Schröder

      Trainer & Coach


      After his commercial education, Daniel Schröder was working for a number of different companies such as Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Mercedes Benz. After moving to Vienna in 1996, he soon finished his education in Business Training and Coaching and began his professional career as manager of a team of sales trainers at one of Austria‘s largest insurance companies. In this role, his main activities included recuriting and assessment, design and deployment of workshops, trainings and coachings in HR and Sales.

      Daniel took early notice of his great people skills that he could well incorporate and further develop during his wide professional career in the areas of Sales, Management, HR and Coaching. His great passion for all matters of communication were the ground stone for his decision to start a career in Training and Development. His high level of expertise in all matters of communication and sales derives not only from his wide work experience but also from ongoing studies and trainings in the respective fields. Having worked as a successful trainer for many years, his greatest strenght may be found is his ability to always communicate straight to the point and transfer knowledge with great practical relevance.

      Daniel Schröder runs his own business in Training & Coaching since 2002 with clients all over the market. He holds a diploma as Symbolon-Personality Coach since 2003.

      His focus areas include:

      • Sales trainings with strong focus on practical relevancen
      • Leadership seminars in the context of Management Curricula
      • Presentation techniques & Train the Trainer
      • Basics in Project Management
      • Seminars on Language, Body Language, Voice
      • Individual Coaching, Training on the job

      Motto: „For a good conversation, step outside the „I“ and knock at the doors of the „You“. – Albert Camus (1913-60), French author an philosopher


      Iris Hinterecker, MSc

      Personalentwicklerin, Trainerin und Coach


      Iris Hinterecker ist als Beraterin, Trainerin und Coach für die Personalentwicklung und das Training von Mitarbeiter:innen und Führungskräften in nationalen und internationalen Firmen tätig.

      Das Interesse am Menschen und dessen Entwicklung hat Iris Hinterecker stets inspiriert und durchs Leben begleitet. Daher steht bei ihr die individuelle Weiterentwicklung jedes Einzelnen und eine qualitative Teambegleitung im Fokus. Wesentliche Faktoren sind für sie Nachhaltigkeit, Qualität, Reflexion und (Selbst- und Team)Wirksamkeit in jedem Setting.

      In ihrer Vergangenheit hat Iris außerdem eine sportliche Karriere im Kampfsport verfolgt. Als mehrfache Staatsmeisterin bezieht sie wertvolle Erfahrungen daraus in ihre Seminare, Trainings und Workshops mit ein und ermöglicht den Teilnehmer:innen Erkenntnisse auf mentaler und körperlicher Ebene zu erleben, die direkt in den Berufsalltag integriert werden können.


      • Führungskräfteentwicklung
      • Teamentwicklung und Moderation
      • Konfliktmanagement und Deeskalation
      • Trainings/Seminare zum Thema Kommunikation, Gesprächsführung, Konflikt, Change, Generationenmanagement uvm.
      • Erlebnispädagogische Trainings, Incentives und Kampfkunst
      • Systemisches Einzelcoaching

      Josef Hinterecker

      Trainer & Coach


      The art of „conquering in peace“ is the inspiration of Josef Hinterecker`s profession as martial artist and awareness-trainer. Since three decades he supports people with the 3-sense-method (hearing, seeing and feeling).

      As trainer and coach the martial artist confronts his participants with the term „fighting“ in both a physical and mental way. He considers fighting not only as an act of blunt violence but also as the strength of facing challenges instead of avoiding them.

      He is using the 3-sense-method in combination with techniques of Taekwondo, Judo, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi for working on topics as conflict-management, communication, team, vision and leadership.

      He is instructor for fitness, health and sports-rehabilitation and a certified life-coach & trainer.  Under his own brand WolffloW (alias Joe Wolf) he writes books about awareness and the fact of how mindfulness can influence one’s life in a positive way.

      Motto: Watch your thoughts for they will become words. Watch your words for they will become your actions. Your actions will become habits. Your habits will become your character. And your character will become your destiny.


      Mag. Andrea Matauschek-Gitzi

      Training & Development


      During her studies at University Vienna the prospective psychologist worked as a client counselor in
      different fields like IT, print media and production.
      With transferring to a Communications and Marketing Agency’s trainings department and graduating
      from trainer education she found her passion and took the first steps towards Personnell

      Her first experience as a trainer was the implementation of seminars focusing on customer oriented
      negotiations, tele marketing, customer complaints as well as stress management.
      At the same time, Andrea started focusing her studies on business phsychology, thus being able to
      further develop her seminar topics.

      Many years of work in project management, developing educational programs, selection of
      personnell, carreer coaching as well as teaching at Business University lead current focal points of

      • Conceptual design and implementation of personnell development programs
      • Design and presentation of assessment centers
      • Workshop topics: team building, team forming, team work, my ego within the team
      • Coaching personnell and management
      • Seminar and coaching topics: appearance and self presentation, self confidence, communication, diversity management

      Working with different personalities as well as valuing communication motivates and drives me in
      my professional activity.

      Motto: “Experience different personalities
                 Honest communication leads to accaptance
                 Good relationship is the base for succsess”


      Mag. pharm. Gabriele Ostermann

      Training & Development


      Gabriele Ostermann began her professional career after her studies of Pharmacy at the University of Vienna as a pharmacist. In addition to her interest in natural science she discovered a new passion: taking delight in communication, sales and deep interest in people, their values, mindset and behaviors’.

      So it was obvious to starting a new professional career with consistent further development and increasing responsibilities. Gabriele Ostermann has experience in a variety of management and senior leadership areas including

      • 9 years of extensive experience as member of Affiliate Management Teams at 3 international pharmaceutical companies
      • 6 years Business Unit Director und 3 years Head of Sales (Strategic Marketing, Launch Excellence, Medical and Sales Management, Market Access, Patient Relations und Communication, Human Resource and Organizational Development)
      • Sales Manager
      • Sales Representative
      • Head of Marketing & Public Affairs at Medtech company

      She also successfully completed an ISO trainer`s certificate to further support the ongoing development of her staff members, which helps her extensively in building up new organizational structures.

      Her passion for people and her enthusiasm for practically orientated and effective sales and leadership trainings triggered switching into training and development areas.

      Main focus:

      • Sales and Leadership trainings
      • Individual coaching for senior leadership, team leaders and employees
      • Moderation of workshops, meetings and events
      • Communication
      • Moderation of strategic workshops for team leaders and senior leadership
      • Marketing und launch excellence workshops

      Motto: „Evolution does not let time lapse away, evolution capitalizes time.“


      Mag. Susanne Stiastny MBA

      Training & Development


      During her studies of economics Susanne Stiastny pursued her interest to put the obtained knowledge into action. She therefore began to include her economic knowledge into her service & catering management skills from the beginnings. Hence she was part, supported and led the successful establishment of three restaurants in the course of her studies. The topic of her master thesis led her into the area of in and outdoor team development, where she discovered her likings for the work with people; it also marked the beginning of her career as trainer. During the process of supporting executives and manager through sensitive change processes she started her personal research regarding the sustainability of training processes. She therefore worked within several companies in different business areas. Her following professional journey led her into a training position for an established trainings institute. There she designed a managed different trainings programs for 10 years. In her position as trainer she supported several participants in stress and time management and burnout prevention, Health promotion, communication and conversation techniques, mental fitness and motivation, regenerative training and Qi Gong. She puts a special emphasis on the development of character and sustainability with the convincement that change has to start within to be lived and realized on the outside.

      Since 2015 Susanne Stiastny contributes her passion and professionalism within the support of people and years of experience in the trainings area to the ISG.

      Area of Focus:

      • Design and support of personnel development measures
      • Health management and health-oriented leadership in the company – promoting healthy leadership
      • Expansion and training of communication and leadership skills
      • Experience-oriented team development
      • Support for change processes
      • Promotion of individual personality development, attitude, and mindset
      • Burnout prevention, stress management, resilience enhancement
      • Self-management and work-life integration
      • Mental training, executive coaching

      It´s important to her to use a holistic approach and different perspectives when considering specific topics or issues, understand different dynamics and connections, to develop an reflective ability as well as finding the courage to change. Her objective is to guide people and teams to a sustainable success.

      Motto: „Life isn´t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself“ George Bernard Shaw



      Dr. Stephan Proksch, MAS

      Training & Development


      Stephan Proksch started his professional career in the industrial sector in the field of Quality Management and later changed to the insurance business. He managed the implementation of an inhouse conflict management system.

      In 2003 he started his professional career as a mediator, consultant and trainer. From 2004 until 2008 he was spokesman of the experts group business mediation of the consulting branch of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO). Parallel to this assignment he wrote his doctoral thesis in the field of conflict management. He has been running the training courses in business mediation of the WKO for more than ten years.

      His studies at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna as well as at the University of Illinois/USA awakened his passion for international projects and trainings, which he runs in German and English.

      His intensive interest for people and collaboration lead him to complete a number of trainings in the field of Coaching, Organizational Development, Group Dynamics, Training, and Mediation. He has written several books, among them “Conflict Management” which was published by Springer.

      Area of Focus:

      • Conflict Management
      • Mediation
      • Team Development, Collaboration & Cooperation
      • Negotiation
      • Conception and Realization of Leadership trainings
      • Design and Support of Organization Development projects
      • Support and Supervision of Inhouse Change projects and Culture Change programs
      • Lecturer at Universities (University Graz, Sigmund Freud University, FH Wien)
      • Course Management

      Motto: „Love, Live, Laugh, Give.“


      Marlies Metzich

      Team assistent


      During her school career, with the focus culture-tourism, Marlies Metzich has noticed her strong interest in working with people. She loves to develop a project, solve problems and motivate each other within a team. During her school career she completed two several-months internships in Menorca, Spain. Because of these internships she was able to strengthen her interest in teamwork and consolidate her foreign language skills. After graduation she started her working-career in a Hospitality & Promotion agency as Project Assistant. After that she worked as an administrative assistant in a pharmaceutical company. During these steps Marlies Metzich has discovered her interest in administration & organization and teamwork.

      Since March 2017 she supports the Training&Development department of the ISG as a Team Assistant.


      • Administration & Preparation of seminars and trainings
      • Preparation of Assessment-, Development- & Orientation Centers
      • Hotel bookings, Appointment- and travel organization for the trainers
      • Preparation & Translation of Training Documents
      • Preparation of Offers and Presentations
      • Administration of the Training & Development Area

      Motto: „Let your smile change the world, but don‘t let the world change your smile.”


      Dr. Frank Schreiner

      Managing Partner


      Dr. Frank Schreiner is a partner of ISG Personalmanagement Germany GmbH in Bielefeld. He is one of our managing partners at the ISG automotive team. He is responsible for the recruiting of specialists and executive staff for leading manufactureres, suppliers or engineering-partners in the automative sector in Germany or worldwide.

      After completing his studies in business administration at the University of Bielefeld with a focus on marketing and sales, he became the project and seminar leader at the USW University workshop on economics at Schloss Gracht, Erftstadt. There, Dr. Carpenter was responsible for marketing and sales seminars for different business sectors, especially the automotive, chemical, and capital goods industries, as well as for banks and telecommunications companies. Parallel to these teaching activities, he received his doctorate under the supervision of Prof. Lutz von Rosenstiel, Munich, in the area of ​​customer psychology.

      Next Dr. Schreiner took on a partnership in the HR consulting firm Neuhaus+Partner in the area of search & selection of specialists and executives with a focus on medium-sized industry and trade in the clothing and furniture sectors. Parallel to this, he served as director of the RÜTLI executive leadership seminars in Bielefeld, was responsible for management and personnel, and worked also in cooperation with foreign companies and institutes. The focus was on the development of leadership programs for major German companies. As managing partner of the INTRAC GmbH in Bielefeld, he then served as a consultant and trainer in the areas of personnel, strategic marketing, acquisition and professional negotiation.

      His training and great years of experience provide the ideal basis for search and selection of specialists and executives, also across sectors, and with great success. Personnel consulting and management development are the foundations of his professional work.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Search & Selection of specialists and executives / Executive Search
      • Advising senior executives
      • Management development programs
      • Training and coaching in marketing, strategy, acquisition, and negotiation

      Motto: “Having the capacity to lead a team is not enough. The leader must be willing to use it.”  (Vince Lombardi)


      Jörg Hohlfeld

      Trainer, Coach & Berater


      Jörg Hohlfeld is a partner of ISG Personalmanagement Germany GmbH and responsible for Training & Development at the Augsburg site.

      After successfully training to become a state-approved electrical engineer, Jörg Hohlfeld began as a service technician in the IT industry. His further professional development led him into the areas of sales and training with the world’s leading ICT service provider, Ingram Micro. As a sales manager there, he headed sales teams for several years in the areas of key accounts and pan-European accounts, before he became the Regional Sales Manager in Germany responsible for international customers. At the same time he served as a trainer for in-house workshops in the fields of CRM and ERP, as well as sales department trainings. In addition, Jörg Hohlfeld developed himself further as a consultant in the areas of body language, communication skills and personality development for private clients and SMEs. To polish it all off he completed the training to become a certified personnel and business coach, before he started his own consulting, coaching and training business.

      Jörg Hohlfeld delivers over 25 years of practical experience from the industrial, service, and commercial sectors, and serves to develop the potential of technical and management personnel as well as in the professional support of employees in the areas of business coaching and training. His entrepreneurial know-how from the economy and his leadership positions, in addition to his cross-industry experience in service, form the practical and value-oriented basis for successful personal development and sustainable business success.

      Training focus:

      • Developing the potential of professionals and executives (including coaching guidance during the first 100 days of the new management role)
      • Sales analysis, sales consulting and sales coaching (also on site)
      • Trainings for communication, discussion and negotiation, leadership development, successful selling, customer and key-account management, personal development and knowledge of human nature
      • Consulting and creation of programs to develop potential and leadership

      Motto: “Progress does not consist of the improvement of what was, but in directing what will be.” (Khalil Gibran)


      Dipl.-Psych. Tillmann Gehlhoff

      Managing Partner


      Tillmann Gehlhoff is a partner of ISG Germany GmbH at the company location Bielefeld.

      As a qualified occupational and organizational psychologist with a focus on human resources and personnel development, he worked for several years in a medium-sized textile-industry company as the head of the personnel department.

      Tillmann Gehlhoff has been working since 1994 as a human resources and organizational consultant, personnel developer and management coach among other roles for Kienbaum Management Consultants, the Neuhaus+Partner Advisory Group.  Since 1999 he has been a founder and managing partner of INTRAC GmbH, an institute for HR consulting and management training. His clients include both nationally and internationally successful companies and corporations.

      As a specialist and coach on the topic of change management his consultant focus is on the search for and development of personnel in the context of rapidly changing entrepreneurial environments. His search for and integration of new professionals and executives is based on a comparison of the client’s requirements and the candidate’s professional and personal qualifications. At your request he can also perform a detailed analysis of the candidate’s actual capabilities and the desired situation for both the company and the team.

      In interviews with specialists and executives, his training in client-centered talk therapy provides his customers with greater insight into candidate personality when selecting employees.

      For over 20 years Tillmann Gehlhoff has been advising companies on issues of personnel development, especially in matters of leadership development. The spectrum of his activities ranges from the building up of management development programs to the implementation of specific programs, workshops, and individual coaching.

      Areas of expertise:

      • Search & Selection for specialists and executives / Executive Search
      • Advising senior executives
      • Management development programs

      Motto: “Those who can’t change their minds, can’t  change anything.” (George Bernard Shaw)


      Petra Kopp



      Petra Kopp is partner of ISG Personalmanagement GmbH located in Munich.

      After her successful studies of economics at TU Munich she worked more than 20 years as sales and marketing manager for innovative products. As senior director she developed and built up international sales and marketing organizations in Europe and Latin America e.g. at Microsoft and Siemens. The years before, she was co founder and board member of a mid level company. Today she works as consultant to support customers in developing business models, market strategies and innovative sales and marketing organizations. Additionally she is active as member of advisory board of a Tech Start Up and Vice President at Professional Women Network Munich.

      Following her belief that success and innovation of companies depends on the continuous development of its people skills and mindset, she works as trainer and consultant for leadership and talent development at ISG Personalmanagement.

      Areas of focus:

      • CHANGE MANAGEMENT: Developing and orchestrating organization, processes and employees,
        implementation of efficient learning and innovation processes.
      • LEADERSHIP & TEAM: Development of skills and leveraging the potential of professionals and executives; sustainable development of teams and implementation of self leading and performance-improving team processes, communication trainings.
      • SALES: Developing business models, sales strategies and value selling, acquisition- and sales trainings for B2B and B2C, negotiation skills, strategic customer management.

      Credo:  “A company can only develop as fast as the people in the organization are able and willing to do.”


      Mag. Alexandra Kamper-Neulentner

      Trainerin und Beraterin

      Johann Hoffmann Platz 16
      A-1120 Wien


      Alexandra Kamper is a trainer and coach, as well as a learning architect and consultant for ISG Personalentwicklung. She has been working in the field of leadership development, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication for over 20 years and is a trained and licensed Mimikresonanz ® trainer. As a learning architect, she successfully designs programs and development measures for national and international companies of all industries and sizes at all levels of the company and accompanies them during implementation. With her many years of experience in the field of human resources development, Alexandra is happy to contribute her expertise to projects in an advisory capacity.

      Alexandra is a trainer and coach from the bottom of her heart, her passion to accompany people in their personal development is noticeable in every seminar and every coaching.

      Her motto “The shortest distance between 2 people is a smile” reflects her attitude towards life. She sees working with people and the opportunity to learn from each other as an ongoing chance for development.

      Subject areas

      • Training offers in the areas of verbal and non-verbal communication, in body language
      • Leadership development
      • Self- and stress management
      • Systemic certified coaching
      • Creation of comprehensive development programs and -concepts

      Fatma Stieger

      Beraterin, Trainerin, Teambegleiterin und Coach

      Johann Hoffmann Platz 16
      A-1120 Wien


      Fatma Stieger hatte schon seit Ihrer Jugend die Möglichkeit in mehreren Ländern, Kulturen und Kontinenten zu leben, zu studieren und zu arbeiten. Die Diversität dieser Erfahrungen hat sie frühzeitig geprägt und so konnte sie bald Menschen mehrdimensional betrachten, verstehen lernen und auf ihrem Entwicklungsweg beraten und begleiten. Dieser beinhaltet nicht nur die Vermittlung von Kompetenzen und Methodenwissen, sondern auch die Förderung der Fähigkeiten sich mit den eigenen Werten, Haltung und Einstellung auseinander zu setzen, zu reflektieren und neu zu orientieren. Die kontinuierliche Selbstentwicklung und Lernen beziehungsweise herausfordern des „Status Quo“ ist ihr bei sich genauso wichtig wie bei ihren Kunden.

      Als Beraterin, Trainerin, Teambegleiterin ist ihre Intention individuelle Lösungen für die Bedürfnisse der jeweiligen Unternehmen und deren Kultur zu finden und diese mit den traditionellen und agilen Methoden zu unterstützen um den bestmöglichen Erfolg für Teams und Unternehmen zu erreichen.


      • Konzeption und Begleitung von Führungskräfteentwicklung, Leadership und High Potential Programme
      • Teambuilding, Moderation von Workshops und Managementklausuren
      • Trainings zum Thema Kommunikation, Konflikt, Teamdynamik & Change, Interkulturelle Führung und Kommunikation, Self-Leadership
      • Coaching von Führungskräften, Führungsteams und Mitarbeiter
      • Keynote Speaker zu den Themen Self-Leadership, Generationenvielfalt, Leadership und Kultur

      Mag. Birger Gerritsen



      Birger Gerritsen is an aptitude diagnostician and a specialist in the “Employee Life Cycle” domain.

      He firmly believes that a holistic and professional support of employees throughout their journey within a company not only significantly impacts people’s satisfaction but also substantially enhances employees’ commitment to the company.

      In the field of aptitude diagnostics, he emphasizes a strengths-oriented approach because he believes that every individual possesses a wide array of potentials. However, these must be deliberately identified and analyzed before they can be utilized effectively in practice.

      Areas of Expertise:

      • Design and facilitation of potential analyses and diagnostic procedures
      • Development and implementation of online-based surveys and multisource feedback
      • Personality assessments and testing
      • Training and development of executives in the realm of “Professional Recruiting”
      • Outplacement consultation and support

      Alexander Degenhart



      Alexander Degenhart is a cooperation partner of ISG in the area of ​​personnel development and training. As a consultant, trainer and lecturer at universities, he supports companies in strategic sales issues.

      His customers include small and large organizations from a wide variety of industries, but especially customers with a technological background. Alexander focuses on the design and development of sales and training models and their introduction.

      • Development of management skills in sales
      • Design of sales and training models
      • Performance of business games and business simulations
      • Design and implementation of sales channel organizations
      • Lectures on sales, customer relationship management and leadership behavior in sales
      • Performance management and leadership models in sales

      “I am inspired by visionary business ideas! Entrepreneurship fascinates me! That’s why I like to work hard!”


      Selma Demir Tekinalp

      Partner & Head of Training & Development


      Selma Demir Tekinalp studied psychology at Boğaziçi University and then, completed business administration program in İstanbul University.

      In 1989, she started her career at Çukurova Group, the third biggest group with its 89 companies in Turkey; she was responsible from the training activities and the corporate communication activities at group level until 1996.

      Then, she worked for Akçansa Cement company, a joint venture of Heidelberger Cement and Sabancı Holding, as the Human Resources Manager for four years during its merger process.

      Between 2000 ve 2007, she worked for Antalya Airport Operator, owned by Fraport AG, as HR and Organizational Development Director, responsible for the functions of  human resources, total quality, corporate communications and medical services. By start of new operation period in 2007, she continued to work as HR and Organizational Development Director for the new operator of Antalya Airport – ICF Airports – which is a joint venture of Fraport AG and IC Group, until the end of 2012.

      During her 25 years of substantial experience in multi-national companies in service, industry, trade sectors; she carried out change management projects such as mergers, reorganization, insourcing, outsoursing, close down & start-up. She, also, designed tailor-made HR systems, corporate culture programs, employee engagement & motivation programs, assesment centers and training & development programs.

      She joined to rapidly growing ISG team in 2013 and provides services in her expertise areas :

      • Change Management
      • Corporate Culture
      • Employee Engagement & Motivation
      • Training & Development
      • Search & Selection
      • Assesments
      • Coaching

      Motto: “Lifetime learning and development…”


      Györgyi Szalay

      Executive Coach


      Her work is charactherised by system and solution-oriented approach and also by the effective combination of emotional and energetic coaching. Thanks to these the coaching process results in detectable and sustainable improvement in the personal managerial effectiveness, stress tolerance and conflict stability.

      She spent more than 1500 hours coaching – Hungarian and German – clients and uses a wide range of methodological techniques what gives her the possibility to support her clients unfolding their abilities in the way best suited to their personalities and goals.

      During her work she focuses on facilitating personalised solutions, improving individual abilities and resolving factors interfering the unfolding of the client’s abilities. Her methods applied during the coaching process are based on the integration of modern behavioural science researches and effictive coaching procedures.

      Activity focal points:

      • Leadership development – Great ones from good ones!
      • Talent management of the highly important employees
      • Development of managerial effectiveness of experienced professionals
      • Intercultural personnel development
      • Development of cooperation – Conflict sesolution and dediation
      • Work-life balance
      • Stres management / Burn out prevention
      • Train the coach

      Motto: “There is only one knowledge, the other is just jointing: Beneath you the earth, above the sky and in you are the ladder.”


      Katharina Sigl, MAS, MSc., MBA, MA

      Senior Beratung Employer Branding & Customer Engagement


      Katharina Sigl loves the creative and communicative challenges that arise when reaching employees and customers.

      Finding the real benefits for customers and employees and packaging them in smart and effective concepts is particularly important to her.

      She is convinced that sustainable corporate success is only possible through strict commitment on the part of both stakeholder groups – regardless of the industry or company size

       Happy works!


      • Employer Value Proposition & Position
      • Employer Journey & Branding Campaigns
      • Engagement Concepts
      • Analysis and optimization of existing lead and customer categorizations
      • Development of individual company personas
      • Customer or user journey with success factors
      • Customer and benefit surveys
      • Service and customer design processes


      Motto: “Courage + enthusiasm = future”



      Barbara Bite

      Senior Trainer & Coach



      2015 SolutionSurfers – Briefcoaching – PCC
      2015-2019 Nordske Gestalt Institut– Gestalt Therapist Training – in progress
      2013 Gestalt Coaching Center – Leading Blind spots and Organizational Taboos – Coach Training
      2013 Bewise – Action Learning Group Facilitator Training
      2013 Captain – Captain Expert Training
      2011-2012 Sämling Solution Consulting Ltd. – Team and Group Coach
      2009-2011 Business Coach Academy – Qualified Business Coach
      2011 Antares Group Ltd. – Transactional Analysis training
      1999-2001 University of Pécs – Economist Msc.
      1995-1998 College of Szolnok– External Trade Economist


      • Executive and Business Coaching
      • Communication, Assertivity, Stress Management
      • Team and Group Coaching
      • Delegation, re-structuring cooperation
      • Leader Development
      • Changes and Crisis Management
      • Organisational Development
      • Career Path
      • Dilemmas of young Top Level Official
      • Becoming leader, Talent Management
      • Motivation, recognition
      • Action Learning (group)
      • Time Management
      • Burn Out
      • Self Knowledge


      In 2010 she and her companions established the Coaching Team professional community, and she has been working in the field of business as individual, Group and Team Coach, Action Learning facilitator and Trainer.

      She is a member of the Hungarian ICF department, since January 2014 she has been filling a Vice-President post in the Hungarian ICF department. From 2015 she is the president of the Hungarian ICF.

      She started the life of business with the past of a professional sportswoman. She gained wide experience at Baumax Hungary Ltd. where she learned everything that was possible about trade. In a short time she filled a Leader position where she spent more than seven years.

      She could not avoid those problems which every manager has to face. Today she wishes as a Leader she had a Coach who supports, helps, asks, is there, holds a mirror, encourages, pulls down to the ground, practices with her etc. Then all of these she did not receive and she was forced to work on herself without any support which took a lot of time and effort. However, through all these own experiences she is able to help her customers more genuinely.


      • English

      Motto: “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.”– Muhammad Ali


      Viktória Szabó




      2018 Coaching Team – Coach
      2017 Legacy – Trainer, team coach, facilitator training
      2015 BME – Work and Organizational Psychologist
      2013 BCE – Organizational communicator
      2011 ELTE – Psychologist


      As an organizational psychologist she works with individuals, groups and organizations. She believes, if we want to achieve a real and long lasting result we have to focus not only on the individual but also on the wider circumstances. During her work she supports people and organizations in finding the most efficient ways to do their best and also to bring the best out of each other.
      In order to succeed she mixes the tools of solution-centered approach and positive psychology with the methodology of traditional development.


      Organizational development projects
      Attitude and skill development programs and trainings:
      – Motivation
      – Acknowledgment, feedback
      – Assertive communication
      – Self awareness
      – Work orientation, career advising
      – Time management
      Open leadership and personality development programs

      Motto: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.“ – Albert Einstein


      Rita Gallen

      Trainer & Coach



      2015-2016 Watson Coach School Action-Oriented group coaching- 40 hours of coaching course
      2014-2015 ’Train the trainer’ training qualification- 120 hour of coaching course- Tolerance Training Kft
      2014-2015 ’Master coach’ qualification- 100 hour of coaching course- Tolerance Training Kft
      2011–2012 DIADAL coach training 60 hour of coaching course- Businesscoach Kft
      1996-1999 Business School, Faculty of International Communication, Publicity Major, Foreign Trade Economist Degree
      1991-1996 Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Faculty of Arts, English major
      1989-1990 Tourist Guide Qualification


      • Handling of Emotions, Emotional Intelligence
      • Stress-management
      • Burnout, self motivation and energy level
      • Development of Executive Self-awareness
      • Leadership role, Vision and Profession
      • Work Life Balance
      • Time-Management and Personal Efficiency
      • Communication
      • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
      • 2-in-1 coaching: personalized development in English language, confidence-building, stress management
      • Professional experience
      • More than 2 decades in Executive Development: Business Coach, English language Coach and Trainer. Individual and Group Coach in Hungarian and in English language
      • Co-translator of methodological book:’ Toolful coach’
      • Founder of ‘Women Between Each Other’ community
      • Joined Coaching Team in January 2015
      • Coordinator of Lean In Budapest


      • 2016- TEVA Individual Coaching Process
      • 2015- Omya Hungary Kft.- Individual and Team Coaching, in progress
      • From 2013 Freelancer Business and Language Coach
      • From 2015 Coaching Team member, Coach, Trainer
      • From September 2015 NVA Coach, Trainer
      • From 2015- Lean In Coordinator
      • From 2014- facilitation of women workshop: ‘Women between each other’



      Motto: „I believe, that without continous development of self-knowledge there is no progress. The biggest happines for me is, when we both are in flow, and the coachee gets closer to his/her goal on every session.”


      András Makai B.

      Senior Trainer & Coach



      2010-2014 Gestalt-therpist training – Nordske Gestalt Institute, Gestalt-therapist
      2009-2010 Flow Coaching School – Flow Group, Business Coach
      2008-2009 Gestalt approached Organisation Development – Hungarian Gestalt Association
      2008 Trainer Academy – GROW Group, Trainer
      2007-2009 SZEVA – Flow Group, Organization Development and Change Management Consultant
      2007 Coaching Approached Leadership Training, GROW Group
      1993-1997 Technical University, Nagyvárad, High- Voltage Electrical Engineer
      1987-1990 Temesvári Politehnica, High- Voltage Electrical Engineering Faculty


      ARPe® Authority Responsibility Power expanding profile
      GPOP® (Golden Profile of Personality)


      • Executive and Business Individual Coaching
      • Organization Development Projects


      As Owner and Managing Director he successfully built up a medium sized company group. After 10 years he intentionally chose succession, handed over his position and limited his responsibilities to “simple” Owner duties. During these years he kept training himself since he was a way more interested in human energy and resources than his former field; electrical energy.
      As a Coach and Trainer he supports his clients in realizing their obstructions and find their energy in order to change, feel and function better.
      He works in Hungarian, Romanian and English.


      • Hungarian Gestalt Association (MAG)
      • European Gestalt Therapy Association (EAGT)



      Motto: „Wasted energy is the most expensive one!”


      DI Thomas Johann Nowotny

      Trainer, Coach


      Thomas Nowotny, consultant, coach, and cooperation partner of ISG, is convinced that one can grow together with joy and ease in a appreciative togetherness. In his collaboration with other people, he sees all participants as equal partners because he believes that sustainable connections are formed, leading to meaningful results. His industry focus is on life science, and he has over 20 years of leadership experience in dynamic and complex companies both domestically and internationally, which he incorporates into his trainings in a practical manner.

      In coaching, he invites his clients to take on new perspectives, explore solution spaces with curiosity, and supports them in achieving the defined goals.

      Areas of expertise:

      • Leadership development
      • Self and stress management
      • Coaching of executives and employees
      • Workshop facilitation

      Karin Rathje

      Training & Development


      Karin Rathje is a consultant, trainer, and coach at the ISG Personnel Development and Training Institute and follows the breath of the new world.

      Clients from all industries contact her when it comes to keeping pace with digitization and their own growth. Hierarchies are continuously dissolving and new business forms and cultures are making their way through old thought models.

      She advises and trains clients who want to develop towards modern leadership with self-organized and motivated teams, and companies that aspire to New Work and agility.

      Karin Rathje believes that to discover the new world of work, one should act like a curious child: tirelessly experimenting, captivated by new things, constantly evolving, and masterful in the end.


      Eva Krummholz

      Berater, Trainer und Coach


      Eva Krummholz ist als Trainer, Berater und Coach für Personalentwicklung. Mit Leidenschaft begleitet sie Menschen und Organisationen in Veränderungsprozessen. Sie unterstützt Menschen gerne dabei, Prozesse aus verschiedenen Perspektiven zu betrachten und kreative Lösungen zu entwickeln.

      Als Trainerin bietet sie Schulungen und Workshops an, um Führungskräfte und Teams auf Veränderungen vorzubereiten und ihnen die notwendigen Fähigkeiten und Werkzeuge zu vermitteln.


      • Teamentwicklung u. Workshopmoderation
      • Kommunikation in der Führung und im Team
      • Systemisch-lösungsorientiertes Einzelcoaching

      Michael Walzek



      Michael Walzek is a cooperation partner of ISG in the field of training as well as personnel and organizational development. He describes Human Resources as his “professional passion” and refers to many years of a “happy partnership,” whether in senior HR roles in international corporations, in academic teaching, or as an independent consultant, coach, and trainer.

      Human Resources is at the center of a positive, successful, and enabling organizational culture. Theory and practice from various areas, including traditional HR management, systemic organizational development, or agile and innovative work culture, are interconnected.

      Focus Areas:

      • HR strategy development and transformation
      • HR process design, outsourcing, HR-IT systems
      • “New Work” in Human Resources
      • Designing Employee Experiences (EX) and Experience Journeys
      • Change-by-Design & Lean Change Management
      • Enabling Leadership & Leadership Experience
      • Innovation, Design Thinking & “Doing”

      Motto: „Human centered design – It all starts with empathy!”


      DI Dr. Bernd Schossmann, MBA



      Bernd Schossmann is a consultant who specializes in quickly grasping complex issues and developing a structured approach together with the customer. His expertise covers market analyses, strategy development and process optimization as well as in-depth experience in interface management between IT and business. He has extensive industry experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals, IT (including AI), retail, and industrial goods.

      His specializations include:

      • Market analysis
      • Strategy development
      • Process analysis and optimization (also with regard to IT)

      “Simplicity does not precede complexity, it follows it.” (Alan Perlis)


      Renate Ecker



      Renate Ecker has years of experience in team leadership, project management, event organization, and strategy process development. After completing her additional education with a Master’s in “Training & Development” in 2022, she specialized in personnel, organizational, and personality development as well as employer branding.

      She is a passionate personnel developer, team developer, trainer, and coach. Her clients can feel this passion. The focus of her work is always on the person or the team with all their strengths and areas for development. To achieve a constructive and successful collaboration, she works intensively on personality development.


      • Strategic personnel development
      • Team development and workshop facilitation
      • Communication in leadership and teams
      • Strategic organizational and team development processes
      • Development of employer branding strategies
      • Employee leadership, communication, rhetoric & presentation
      • Team development & conflict resolution in teams
      • Facilitation of retreats & workshops
      • Training on leadership, communication, conflict, and team dynamics
      • Systemic – solution-oriented individual coaching

      Her motto: Making good things better. With a plan and strategy to success.


      Erik Meinhart, MA

      Personnel developer, aptitude diagnostician, trainer


      Erik Meinhart is a passionate personnel developer, aptitude diagnostician and trainer.

      The aim of his work is to help people gain a better understanding of their values, strengths and areas for development. This enables them to develop in a targeted manner and select the tasks and roles that are a good fit for their interests and skills.

      When working together, Erik emphasizes a solution-oriented approach, clear and transparent communication and respectful interaction.

      Subject areas

      • Design and support of tailored diagnostic procedures and assessments (individual assessments, development centers, hearings/assessment centers)
      • Personality and behavioral analyses (Big Five, DISG, OPQ)
      • Support for online-based multi-source feedback and satisfaction surveys
      • Designing and advising on strategic and structured personnel development measures
      • Training and individual coaching (self-management, motivation, communication, conflicts)

      Emily Zuna-Kratky

      Junior Consultant


      Emily Zuna-Kratky started her journey at ISG Personalmanagement in September 2022, where she joined as an HR consulting intern with a specialization in IT recruiting. Throughout her six-month internship, she got to know the wide recruitment landscape, sourcing and assessing candidates from diverse sectors while improving her consulting skills. Continuing her career hat ISG, Emily transitioned into the role of Junior Consultant after the internship.

      Driven by a desire for continuous growth, Emily now sets her sights on a new chapter in her career at ISG. She has chosen to join the esteemed team in Spain with their expertise in IT positions, as she endeavors to further enhance her knowledge and skills in this field. With a strong commitment to professional development, Emily is focused on contributing her expertise and make a lasting impact within the realm of IT recruitment at ISG.