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Meet the team behind Frankfurt on the Main

Stefan Blattmann

Managing Partner


After studying business administration, Stefan Blattmann worked as a recruiter, primarily in the area of employee selection and development in the automotive supplier industry. Afterwards he studied psychology with focus on work processes and organizations as well as pedagogy of further education and qualification and took on teaching positions for business administration at various educational institutions.

For 20 years he has been involved intensively in supporting people and organizations in change processes. He conducted nationwide scientific studies on the subject of “outplacement” and the effects of job loss. He has remained in this field to this day in various contexts as an outplacement consultant, coach, seminar, project and regional manager as well as authorized signatory of over 40 transfer companies, among others as Lee Hecht Harrison. He intensified his basis of consulting expertise through trainings in client-centered conversation and consulting as well as in neurosystemic coaching, team and organizational development at the Milton-Erickson Institute in Heidelberg (with Dr. Gunther Schmidt).

Areas of focus:

Customized filling of HR AND MANAGEMENT POSITIONS – Expertise through years of HR and Consulting work

OUTPLACEMENT, CAREER ADVICE, PROFESSIONAL CAREER DEVELOPMENT – Develop performance potential and use it in a targeted manner (individual and group programs)

DESIGN OF CHANGE PROCESSES – holistic and goal-oriented optimization of performance-supporting conditions for sustainable corporate success (sustainable strengthening and promotion of individuals and teams)

DEALING WITH CRISES – constructive solutions when dealing with difficulties or challenging situations – effective, efficient and sustainable


Viktoria Sawall



„I am a connector. Along comes a responsibilty, which I am aware of.“

Viktoria Sawall is a Consultant for ISG and passionate about the individuality of every single person.

She absolved dual studies in chemical engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Engneering. Working as a Design Release Engineer in the automotive industry she was the intersection between many departments like production, purchase, management, supplier, etc.

When she first heard of he recruiting business, she knew instinctively this will be her next destination. 

„I understand strategies and intentions quickly. To me, it comes very natural to network and understand demands of people and businesses.“

Focus areas:

  • Human Resource Positions
  • Executive Levels


“Pick up people‘s heart and they will follow you anywhere.” – Viktoria Sawall



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