New Ways of Learning – customer event

How can companies benefit from ‘New Ways of Learning’ and what does ‘Agility’ mean for companies, managers and employees?

These questions were answered at an online customer event which took place on Thursday, May 20, 2021.

Approximately 55 partners and colleagues met in the afternoon utilizing Microsoft Teams and were guided through the event by ISG trainer Martina Süssl.

Herbert Steinhauser, managing director of ISG Training & Development, welcomed the participants with introductory words and gave a brief review of the past year, as well as the challenges and changes that resulted from it.

Kerstin Rufer and Fatma Stieger presented more information on agility in companies. After a joint brainstorming session on the meaning of agility, the ISG trainers reported about possibilities, how processes and structures can be continuously adapted and optimized as well as where more agility is decisive for success.

Claudia Wallner presented ‘New Ways of Learning’. The philosophy, historical development, methods and tools, as well as an exemplary illustration were conveyed to the participants.

The event ended with a virtual wine tasting by the vintner Manfred Bannert (Vineyard Bannert).

If you would like to know which advantages agility and new ways of learning will bring to your company, or would like to participate in one of our upcoming events, please contact us – Let’s make it happen!