Christoph Leitner studied economics at the Johannes KeplerUniversity Linz in the core areas of Personalwirtschaftt,controlling, corporate development and legal affairs. In addition, he completed in addition to numerous otherembodiments, the certification examinations (master exams) for the business of temporary employment and recruitmentas well as the travel agency industryhe is alsoakkredidierter trainer in adult education after SystemCert.

Was he responsible for the start of his career for the travelmanagement to its customers as a tourism and businesstravel managers (Quote: had to take the chance in a largetravel group walkto look at the world and to managebetween customers, airlines, hotels and travel agencies andconvey what had made huge fun ), he has beenmore than 10 years of HR and management consultant and is a service in advising companies and job and career guide foremployees and applicants.

There is always an uplifting experience with his customers to be successful, to generate solutions and to find the right fit with the appropriate staff. We are here and why we ask our customers!”

Mag Leitner is managing partner of the ISG Personalmanagement GmbH Your partner for quality time andwork, personnel consultancy, human resource development and executive search.

Motto: Dissatisfaction is the beginning of the success