More than 30 years working in “organizational architecture” (organization, structure, and change management), “human performance technology” and in “communication” and “human resources”. Focused on the productivity of organizations and the efficiency (and happiness) of people. He likes to work with precise goals and values responsibility for results. He has a background in Law, Business Administration and Religious Studies. He has been general manager at Consultores Españoles and Quero. He has worked as a consultant in more than 40 organizations, both SMEs and large companies.

He is the author of the book: “Sólo hace falta ser humilde”, published in 2017 by Schedas, which has been translated into English in 2018 (“It pays to be humble”).

He has a broad knowledge of the Spanish professional reality, is governed by ethical criteria in business, always seeks solutions focused on the satisfaction of clients and candidates, as well as the happiness of people.