The art of „conquering in peace“ is the inspiration of Josef Hinterecker`s profession as martial artist and awareness-trainer. Since three decades he supports people with the 3-sense-method (hearing, seeing and feeling).

As trainer and coach the martial artist confronts his participants with the term „fighting“ in both a physical and mental way. He considers fighting not only as an act of blunt violence but also as the strength of facing challenges instead of avoiding them.

He is using the 3-sense-method in combination with techniques of Taekwondo, Judo, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi for working on topics as conflict-management, communication, team, vision and leadership.

He is instructor for fitness, health and sports-rehabilitation and a certified life-coach & trainer.  Under his own brand WolffloW (alias Joe Wolf) he writes books about awareness and the fact of how mindfulness can influence one’s life in a positive way.

Motto: Watch your thoughts for they will become words. Watch your words for they will become your actions. Your actions will become habits. Your habits will become your character. And your character will become your destiny.