During his studies in corporate management Robert Tomczak soon realized the importance of Sales, at the centerpiece of every company. A centerpiece fueled by the essential impulse of customer satisfaction. This knowledge has, combined with his joy of connecting and working with people, initiated his passion for sales.

Subsequent to the following successful part-time master studies in business consulting (specialization: Marketing & Sales) he consulted numerous companies besides his activity as salesman. In this function he designed concepts for client acquisition, which in combination with praxis-related on the jobs trainings, guaranteed a successful implementation. Therefore he has been able to gain cross-sector experience in consulting and sales in the last four years.

In addition he still supports students of his alma mater during the preparation for international sales competitions, since he himself won the first price at the European sales Competition in 2012, during his college days.

His enthusiasm and his winning smile have leaded him to the ISG in 2014, where he actively supports the Training & Development as Junior Sales trainer.

Area of Focus:

  • Telemarketing
  • Telephone trainings
  • Joint Visits

Motto: „Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Emmerson