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Our consultants support you throughout Italy. Our staff has well-founded, extensive, and diverse know-how in virtually all industries and occupations, as well as many years of experience. As a full-service provider in all personnel matters, we offer services in the areas of executive search, personnel consulting, personnel development, potential analysis, outplacement and temporary work.


Meet the team behind Italy

Millian Quaresima

CEO/ Country Manager


During his career Millian Quaresima has gained substantial experience in specialized and leadership positions as well as in diverse functional areas. For several years he worked in fields such as sales and consulting as well as personnel leadership, development and training. His core competencies comprise the areas of industry, food and finance. He gained more experience in sales during his work with international companies in Germany and Italy.

Being originally from South Tyrol, he enjoys the benefits of bilingualism and can thus establish a bridge between north and south.

His clients appreciate his supportive nature which he creates through intensive reflection of behavior and decisions. This is possible through his experience in sales and his leadership competencies which he has learned “from scratch”.

For him HR consulting means: the person is always the focal point and it is crucial to find the common elements and to strengthen these because they are the basis for long-term success. Only when you understand matters, can you change them.

Consultancy focus areas:

  • Search and selection of specialists and leaders/executive search
  • Establishment of sales networks
  • Scouting of sales talents

Motto: “Faber est suae quisque fortunae” – Appius Claudius Caesus


Andreas Castiglioni

Managing Director / Country Manager


Andreas Castiglioni è l’amministratore delegato della ISG Personalmanagement in Italia

Il sig. Castiglioni ha 15 anni di esperienza nella conduzione del personale in aziende di media grandezza in Alto Adige. Aveva non solo la responsabilità della ricerca e selezione del personale, ma ne curava anche l’aspetto amministravo. Nato in Alto Adige e conoscendo italiano e tedesco, può fare da ponte tra il nord e il sud dell’Europa.

La sua ambizione gli deriva dalla sua carriera di sportivo agonista. Lo sport gli ha insegnato a far tesoro delle esperienze passate e di lavorare al successo in maniera instancabile.

Le sue esperienze professionali e le sue competenze personali sono la base ideale per la ricerca e selezione di figure specializzate e direttive anche di alto profilo.

In qualità di amministratore delegato della ISG Italia il sig. Castiglioni è anche responsabile dello sviluppo della ISG in Italia. L’obiettivo è quello di garantire anche ai clienti in Italia i servizi e il know how del gruppo ISG.

Nel sig. Castiglioni troverete una figura di riferimento professionale nella ricerca e selezione per la Vs. Azienda.

Punti di forza:

  • Ricerca e selezione di figure specializzate e alti profili
  • Executive Search
  • Sviluppo del personale oltre al Team-Building

Motto: “Tu hai 3 possibilità nella vita: rinunciare dall’inizio, gettare la spugna o dare tutto!”


Lucio Dattaro

Managing Partner


Lucio Dattaro spent more than 20 successful years as manager, in-company trainer and sports coach. Since he has worked in Modena, Milan, Parma, Bologna, he has gained a significant knowledge of entrepreneurship of Emilia and neighboring areas.

Lucio has a strong knowledge of training, sales networks, sporting events, business information systems, sports facilities, web marketing, shopping centers; he has successfully brought process innovation in several companies. His ability to “see the big picture” leads him to be highly performing in business consultancy.

He has personally carried out several staff search and selection projects for the companies where he worked; he thinks that “great people make companies great”, therefore he is careful in the search and selection process and highlights the importance of employee engagement and improvement.


Lucio has a deep understanding of the needs of companies in different sectors and is able to relate effectively to different people.

He loves learning, coaching, make people find the right job and employers find the right person.

Motto: “Le buone relazioni hanno un valore… e ritornano”


Rosalia D´Uva

Managing Partner


Rosalia D´Uva has built her ten-year curricular and professional background within multinational contexts of work agencies, in which she has been responsible for following all the processes at 360 degrees from commercial development to the closure and fulfillment of orders, thus taking care of the selective process and administrative management of personnel.

Her last experience as an employee saw her start a start-up branch of a multinational French in the territory of Naples, coordinating the staff included in the staff. Experience that ended reaching ambitious and challenging results.



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