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… your competent partner in all personnel matters!

Our consultants support you throughout Italy. Our staff has well-founded, extensive, and diverse know-how in virtually all industries and occupations, as well as many years of experience. As a full-service provider in all personnel matters, we offer services in the areas of executive search, personnel consulting, personnel development, potential analysis, outplacement and temporary work.


Meet the team behind Italy

Andreas Castiglioni

Managing Director / Country Manager


Andreas Castiglioni è l’amministratore delegato della ISG Personalmanagement in Italia

Il sig. Castiglioni ha 15 anni di esperienza nella conduzione del personale in aziende di media grandezza in Alto Adige. Aveva non solo la responsabilità della ricerca e selezione del personale, ma ne curava anche l’aspetto amministravo. Nato in Alto Adige e conoscendo italiano e tedesco, può fare da ponte tra il nord e il sud dell’Europa.

La sua ambizione gli deriva dalla sua carriera di sportivo agonista. Lo sport gli ha insegnato a far tesoro delle esperienze passate e di lavorare al successo in maniera instancabile.

Le sue esperienze professionali e le sue competenze personali sono la base ideale per la ricerca e selezione di figure specializzate e direttive anche di alto profilo.

In qualità di amministratore delegato della ISG Italia il sig. Castiglioni è anche responsabile dello sviluppo della ISG in Italia. L’obiettivo è quello di garantire anche ai clienti in Italia i servizi e il know how del gruppo ISG.

Nel sig. Castiglioni troverete una figura di riferimento professionale nella ricerca e selezione per la Vs. Azienda.

Punti di forza:

  • Ricerca e selezione di figure specializzate e alti profili
  • Executive Search
  • Sviluppo del personale oltre al Team-Building

Motto: “Tu hai 3 possibilità nella vita: rinunciare dall’inizio, gettare la spugna o dare tutto!”


Millian Quaresima

Country Manager


During his career Millian Quaresima has gained substantial experience in specialized and leadership positions as well as in diverse functional areas. For several years he worked in fields such as sales and consulting as well as personnel leadership, development and training. His core competencies comprise the areas of industry, food and finance. He gained more experience in sales during his work with international companies in Germany and Italy.

Being originally from South Tyrol, he enjoys the benefits of bilingualism and can thus establish a bridge between north and south.

His clients appreciate his supportive nature which he creates through intensive reflection of behavior and decisions. This is possible through his experience in sales and his leadership competencies which he has learned “from scratch”.

For him HR consulting means: the person is always the focal point and it is crucial to find the common elements and to strengthen these because they are the basis for long-term success. Only when you understand matters, can you change them.

Consultancy focus areas:

  • Search and selection of specialists and leaders/executive search
  • Establishment of sales networks
  • Scouting of sales talents

Motto: “Faber est suae quisque fortunae” – Appius Claudius Caesus


Jutta Heupel

Managing Partner

Via Giuseppe Mazzini
IT-40024 Castel San Pietro Terme


Jutta Heupel hat 16 Jahre Erfahrung im Retail Bereich der Modebranche gesammelt, wo auch die Personalbetreuung ein Teil von war und sie sich engagiert hat.

Im Jahre 1998 hat sie sich dann entschlossen in Italien zu leben und hat gleich im Export Vertrieb Fuss gefasst. Das Betreuen von Kunden auf internationaler Ebene sowie die Problembewältigung gehörte zu ihren Stärken. Mit aufmerksamen zuhören und sich in die Lage des Kunden zu versetzen, bewies sie ihre verbindliche und empatische Mitarbeit welches sich auch in der Teamarbeit auswirkte.

Die Kunden und Kandidaten schätzen Ihre Zielstrebigkeit sowie ihre Zuhör – und Analysefähigkeiten mit der sie ihre Arbeit ausführt.
“Personalberatung” bedeutet für sie eine WinWin Situation zu verwirklichen wo der Kunde, die Kandidaten sowie die Kollegen von profitteren können und somit einen zufriedenen Arbeitsalltag haben.

Der Sektor Design gehört seit ihrem 14 Lebensjahr zu einer ihren Leidenschaften und somit hat sie sich in dieser Branche ein umfassendes Wissen zugelegt. Ausserdem hat sie dank ihrer autodidaktischen Fähigkeit sich zielstrebig den Bereich des digitalen Marketings und Kommunikation angeeignet.


Gabriele C. Goldynia

Managing Partner


After successfully finishing her business management education, Ms. Goldynia started her career in the field of international sales and marketing in a variety of large enterprises. Subsequently, she worked in various well-known companies in the field of sales and marketing, project management, HR and organisational development.

Before joining ISG, she successfully worked as manager in the field of qualification and consulting for many years. Working for a number of years in small companies as well as in leading companies of different trades, Ms. Goldynia acquired vast experience in the fields of human resources, organisational development and strategic management, with the main focus being on sales and marketing.

For about ten years she gained further experience by attending various education programs in the fields of coaching, human resources and organisational development, NLP, HR analysis of potentials, communication training and special issues in the field of human resources consulting.

Ms. Goldynia has been a member of the ISG team since March 2005. As a Carinthian based in Villach, she concentrates on serving the Carinthian market.

The key aspects of her activities are:

  • HR consultancy
  • Personnel selection and search
  • HR development
  • Analysis of potential as TMS ®, SDI ®, MBTI® ao.
  • Outplacement and implacement consultation
  • Culture change
  • Selection and development assessment centers

Dr. Andrea Fae‘

Managing Partner

Via Baruchello 1
IT-37060 Buttapietra (VR)


Dr. Fae’ shows an excellent knowledge and long experience in the international healthcare system, holding various managerial roles in Italy and abroad. He gained working experience on healthcare management, international healthcare consulting, international medical transports, pre-hospital emergency medicine and healthcare personnel training programs.

From his university background perspective, Dr. Fae’ is a mental health specialist with a professional doctorate degree in “clinical psychology” and a bachelor’s degree in “medical sciences” focusing his attention on “neuropsychology, psychobiology, psychopharmacology and sleep medicine”. He has collaborated with various international academic institutions including the CARI (Center of Advanced Research and Innovation) of Charisma University (TCI) and the Cheshire Hall Medical Center (TCI). He is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

Over the years he has carried out in-depth studies on psychobiology, psychosomatic medicine, functional medicine and psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology (PNEI).

At the UNIPSI University of Turin Dr. Fae’ has obtained a 4- year diploma in psychobiological and naturopathic sciences, with subsequent specialized studies in: “nutrition and psychosomatic medicine, food disorders, epigenetics, nutraceuticals, clinical phytotherapy and herbal sciences, clinical mycotherapy, psychobiology of emotions and art therapy.

Dr. Fae’ possesses many years of professional work experience during which he has had the opportunity to gain substantial experience in human resources and health services management for different companies.

In quality of general manager, he was responsible for the company network, stipulating new agreements with both Italian and foreign partner organizations. During his several professional assignments he could also gain valuable experience in the coordination of “operative response center, medical staff, medical devices, international medical transports and healthcare personnel training” in Italy and in the international arena.

His strengths are:

  • Research and selection of specialized and management personnel in the healthcare field
  • Talent scouting and staff development
  • Thanks to a long experience in the healthcare world, he focuses on the medical science field of:
    – Personnel Research and Selection in healthcare field (e.g. Pharmaceutical Companies,
    Biotech Industry, Preclinical and Clinical Development, Hospitals/Medical Clinics,
    Medical Devices and Supplies, Medical Insurance, Home Health Care and Specialist Medical Services)
    – Executive Search and recruitment


We strive for our continuous development and the ongoing improvement of our services to exceed your expectations!