Media House

      We specialize in media planning, business design solutions and data-driven campaign architecture.

      JobAd Service


      Our ISG media consultants offer you an overview of the multiple options for posting on career portals, digital or print. We are familiar with a wide variety of general portals, as well as with specialized or niche markets that target specific audiences. The purpose of our specialist consulting is to provide efficient assistance, saving your time and money.

      We take care of

      • Acquisition and procurement of job ad quota
      • Consultancy and booking of individual ads
      • Multipostings (simultaneous publication on several platforms)
      • Creation of job ads corresponding to your CI and CD
      • Revision and editing of your job ads
      • Confirmation and rejection service (upon request)


      … are job ads published simultaneously on several online platforms, with the objective to appear in all relevant channels. By purchasing these job ad-packages you can save time and money.

      As one of the largest distributors of job ads, publishing between 5.000 and 8.000 posts each month, ISG is the perfect partner to reduce your recruiting costs. We provide you with detailed advice and special conditions for multipostings. In addition to job ads corresponding to your corporate design, we can optionally offer our established ISG design in case you wish to place undeclared ads. Our services include numerous further features free of charge that you and your company can take advantage of.

      Social Recruiting

      … is personnel marketing via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or XING. After providing comprehensive consultation and an in-depth analysis of the target audience, our Media House experts place your ad in the relevant social networks and make for your visibility in the feeds and timelines of your favorite candidates.

      Strategy Consulting

      Bye-bye, Talent War

      Today, employees are choosing their employers. The job market has transformed and become a recruitment market. Your ability to win over candidates for your company depends on several factors – among them are your reputation as an employer and your communicative performance.

      Companies taking these factors into account have been able to position themselves as attractive employers. Our staff can tell you about the steps that could be taken to please prospective employees and seasoned team members – we offer firsthand experience of successful employer branding measures.


      The content of a brand is represented in a consistent implementation of its measures and its touchpoint management.

      • Campaigns
      • Career sections
      • Social media
      • Recruiting videos
      • Marketing for target audiences
      • Online marketing
      • Workshops and seminars
      • Ad concepts
      • Personnel marketing

      New Strategies

      Convincing candidates to consider a transition is among the bigger challenges in social media recruiting: concepts must be developed to strengthen your appeal as an employer and to create a clear distinction from the previous company. Directly approaching talents therefore clearly sets social recruiting apart from publishing in job portals. We offer a full-service approach, accompanying you from talent search to pre-selection and throughout the interview process, while closely coordinating all activities with you and adjusting them to your existing strategies.

      Employer Branding

      Employer branding is implemented with the help of corporate strategy measures.

      Companies use employer branding strategies to increase both recruitment and retention. In the course of the specific strategies, the corporate image is strengthened and the corporate culture expanded.

      With demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, employer branding measures have become an essential component in order to present the employer brand in the best possible way, both internally and externally.

      The focus of employer branding is on the definition of the employer brand regarding the perception of employees and potential applicants, the analysis of existing job offers concerning attractiveness and effectiveness, as well as the analysis of existing internal and external communication platforms. In addition to defining specific work packages on topics of job opportunities and communication strategy, qualitative management work is also implemented. These strategies lead to an improvement in the existing corporate and management culture.

      Our consultants will be glad to propose an individual offer and are at your side to provide support.

      Social Media

      Your chances are on the rise

      The number of companies using social media for recruiting is growing every day. This is primarily due to the high output and viral effect that can be achieved with a relatively low capital investment.

      Compared to career portals, social media reaches far more candidates – both active job seekers and professionals in a permanent position. This is particularly useful for small and medium-sized companies.

      Additionally, user profiles disclose more and, above all, more authentic information about aspirants than conventional application letters. Companies can thus address their potential candidates more personally and specifically via Facebook, Twitter and Co. than with any other recruiting tool. This aspect also benefits your employer branding’s success: by cultivating a credible and attractive appearance, trust and appeal can be created.

      Personnel Marketing 4.0

      Social Media Recruiting connects candidates and companies via social networks. Companies use social media to deliberately address potential employees. ISG Media House specializes in approaching candidates and developing targeted strategies for your social media recruiting. Nearly half of all companies (46 percent) are already taking advantage of social media to reach out to professionals.

      Method: There are various roads to success in social network strategies, but there is also increasing competition. Pure advertising can only be successful as part of a strategically planned social recruiting campaign. ISG Media House specializes in personnel marketing and personnel recruiting on social media platforms, targeting all relevant audiences: from trainees to executives, we reach potential candidates without stretching too thin.

      Our methods include:

      • Development of campaigns and strategies
      • Conceptual frameworks for immediate implementation
      • Influencer marketing
      • Focused approach of target audiences
      • Setup of social media channels and editorial management
      • Reporting and analysis of all measures
      • Content-marketing across all channels
      • Development of adequate ad formats for social HR marketing
      • Active sourcing
      • Inclusion of existing job ads and career portals
      • Outplacement of departing employees
      • Engagement of your staff as testimonials

      LinkedIn and Xing Partner

      ISG is a partner of the social networks LinkedIn and Xing. The partnership enables us to represent products from both networks globally. Additionally, we offer advice on the best possible usage of both social network platforms. We would be glad to support you in optimizing existing packages that you are actively using.
      If required, we will develop and carry out together a complete reorientation of your career pages or campaigns and help you to optimize a relaunch.

      Furthermore, we offer you the following products:

      • Career pages
      • Recruiter licenses
      • Job slots
      • Personnel marketing


      Why SEO?

      SEO is a tool to present ads at the exact moment when users are searching for your offer. SEO increases the findability of your webpage’s career section and of your company’s job ads. Appearing in the top results, you will stand out right from the outset of a candidates’ online job search.


      Using sponsored search, your ad will be optimally placed among the search results. Google Display Network includes millions of websites, apps, video platforms (e.g. Youtube), blogs and Google Gmail: you can reach 80% of all Internet users in over 30 languages across more than 100 countries.
      You can set a price for the campaign and will exclusively pay for actual clicks. Our professional setup (analysis of relevant keywords, research of target groups, application of advertising variants, etc.), combined with our regular monitoring and optimization measures, guarantees a successful campaign. Transparent reports keep you up to date about all the steps being taken, how your budget is being used and whether your objectives are being met.


      Meet the team behind Media House

      Petra Vsetecka

      Media Consultant


      Petra Vsetecka has worked in the field of personnel and job advertising for over 26 years. With her in-depth knowledge of job markets she helps her clients to find the best suited candidates quickly and professionally.

      Since 2016, she supports ISG in Vienna as a media consultant, assisting companies from a wide range of industries in placing job advertisements. She attaches particular importance to an appreciative, service-oriented support.


      • Consulting in media selection (print and online; national and international)
      • Quotations
      • Order completion
      • Customer service

      Motto: “The measure of our actions is customer satisfaction.


      Mag. Sabine Rössl-Stastny

      Media Consultant


      After having successfully completed her studies in Journalism & Communication Science, Sabine Rössl worked in time recording and access control in customer service and sales (program extensions).

      Subsequently, she transitioned to a personnel advertising agency, where she was responsible for the processing of job advertisements from customer requests to media placement.

      Since 2016, she supports ISG in Vienna as a media consultant for the placement of declared ads in print and online media (national and international).
      She focuses on a quick, service-oriented and appreciative support of customer concerns.


      • Consulting in media selection (print and online; national and international)
      • Quotations
      • Order completion
      • Customer service

      Motto: “Never start quitting and never quit starting!


      Dr. Martin Kopsa

      Head of Sales


      Studied Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business: Graduation in 2003

      Studied Political Science at the University of Vienna: Graduation in 2005 and 2014

      Strengthening ISGs Viennes team, Martin Kopsa joined in June 2016 as a sales manager. Previously, he was a sales manager at CATRO/Media4Jobs and brings in eight years of experience in media service and sales.