Interview ISG Denmark

23 years of experience in HR business characterize Michael Bruhn, Country Manager of ISG Denmark.

How Mr. Bruhn accidentally came into contact with the ISG and why credibility and decency is everything in this business, you will read in this interview.

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#ISGsofortsupport Part 1
Allow yourself to be emotional
Evaluate yourself on change curve. Where do you see yourself & how strongly do you experience your current mood? (Scale 1- 10)

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Arkturus goes ISG!

As of March 3, 2020, Arkturus will become part of the International Service Group (ISG) Deutschland GmbH, one of the leading international companies in the field of personnel management in Europe.

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Interview ISG France

Since one year, David Gaussens has been the Country Manager of ISG France.

In this interview he talks about his career, the status quo and why swimming might be the key of success.

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ISG Christmas Meeting 2019

For the annual Christmas Meeting in 2019, ISG met at Palais Strudlhof in Vienna.

The meeting was opened by welcoming all the participants and introducing new colleagues. Presentations in the morning focused on internal news and the new Corporate Design.

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